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The NFL’s 2023 salary cap is set. Here is what New York Jets fans should know.

On the Monday following the AFC and NFC Championship Games, the NFL informed teams of its salary cap for the 2023 season.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport, the 2023 salary cap has been set at a record-setting $224.8 million per club. That is up from $208.2 million in 2022, $182.5 million in 2021 (adjusted for COVID-19), $198.2 million in 2020, and $188.2 million in 2019.

So, how does this affect the New York Jets?

Well, in comparison to the cap space numbers you may have already been reading, the answer is not much.

Salary cap websites like Over The Cap and Spotrac were already basing their projections around an estimated 2023 salary cap of $225 million. This means their cap space projections prior to this announcement were close to spot-on.

Now that the $224.8 million salary cap is official, both Over The Cap and Spotrac have the Jets at $2.8 million over the cap (-$2.8 million in cap space).

While that sounds bad, it’s actually not unusual compared to the rest of the league. Over The Cap has the Jets at 18th in projected cap space out of 32 teams while Spotrac has them at 19th. Per Over The Cap, the current league average is only $5.8 million in projected cap space. Of the league’s 32 teams, 14 are currently projected to be over the cap.

Cap space numbers always look daunting around this time of year. Once teams execute cuts, trades, and restructures, the majority of teams will find themselves in a much better position to spend money by the time the legal tampering period opens on March 13.

Still, it seems extremely likely the Jets will have to be significantly more frugal in this year’s free agency period than they were in the past few years. On this date one year ago, the Jets were ranked fifth with $44.7 million in projected cap space. On this date two years ago, the Jets were third with $65.1 million in projected cap space.

General manager Joe Douglas has an interesting salary-cap challenge ahead of him this offseason. He no longer has the luxury of working with a boatload of cash.

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Peter Buell
Peter Buell
7 months ago

Well iirc If we cut Lawson and Corey Davis it would free up close to thier $25m in salary with maybe $4-500k in dead money so that puts them $22m to the plus.
I don’t know how much they can jigger around to free up more money.
It’s obvious we need QB, Carr would be my preference but needing every dollar it would be very difficult to keep Mike White and Wilson also. I doubt they spend $25m between Wilson and White.
After that, ideally we need a WR S LB along with 2 linemen.

7 months ago

Joe doesn’t have cash but he does have flexibility to get cash, which will obviously include, weighing current contracts with what talent can be purchased with that money. My opinion is there are 4 glaring needs on this team, which are places I believe the money will go.

Center- The Jets haven’t had a “QB” of the OL since Mangold, and the uneven play at that spot sets the tone for the rest of the group. McGovern has had some nice games; problem is too many “eh” games. They need someone there who can anchor the group. They could look to the draft but I wouldn’t be surprised to see FA dollars spent there. I unlike many think Becton will be the LT and they could have AVT earmarked for RT. In my opinion getting those two guys back is like “adding players” either through FA or the draft. Laken is staying so they will need a G.

WR#2. Clearly E. Moore isn’t that guy, although I think his talent is HUGE for Hackett in the slot and as a play maker. I know LaFleur didn’t get the most out of him but, he had something to do with that, running backwards EVERY TIME he caught a pass. They need someone more reliable as a #2 WR. Davis is a nice player when he plays but he spends too much time on the sideline.

Safety- The weakest part of the D for sure, I think they will all benefit from a true ball-hawk FS, with the skill set to take the ball away. This could also be a position they draft but a FA wouldn’t surprised me.

DT- They need to either resign Rankins or get someone else because for all of the good the DL did last year they don’t have anybody on the team that I see can replace Rankins’ production. I do think they will bring him back, but I don’t think this is a high price position.

Yes, they have other needs but you can’t sign everybody. I’m sure we will see some draft picks filling some of the other spots. I know people will disagree, cool, this is just how I see it.

Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
7 months ago
Reply to  Jets71

I would keep McGovern for his consistency. On a team where every other position on the line had injuries, having a guy who plays 17 games every year is valuable. He’ll be much better with AVT back next to him. I would try to package Tomlinson with Elijah Moore to get him off our books.