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New York Jets Finish 4th in AFC East Standings with 4-13 Record

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2021 AFC East Standings

1Buffalo Bills LogoBuffalo Bills🍾🏈1160..6474832896-35-3W3
2New England Patriots LogoNew England Patriots🏈1070.5884623034-56-2W1
3Miami Dolphins LogoMiami Dolphins980.5293413736-33-5L1
4New York Jets LogoNew York Jets4130.2353105043-61-7L1
  • 🍾Denotes AFC East champion
  • 🏈Denotes playoff team

The New York Jets finished fourth in the 2021 AFC East standings with a 4-13 win-loss record.

For the second consecutive season, the Buffalo Bills are AFC East champions. All they had to do was knock off the four-win Jets in Week 18, at home, and that’s exactly what they did, 27-10.

Bill Belichick‘s New England Patriots needed a miracle, as they needed to beat the Miami Dolphins and then hope the Jets could upset the Bills. Neither thing happened, but Bill Belichick’s squad is playoff-bound, nonetheless.

Buffalo entered as the third seed, whereas New England headed in as the sixth seed, which meant the two AFC East teams would go head-to-head in the wild card round of the 2021 NFL Playoffs.

In the end, the Bills wiped the floor with the Mac Jones-led Pats, 47-17. Belichick’s squad could not do anything, as the NFL world saw one of the worst beatdowns in playoff history.

The New York Jets standings within the AFC East have featured one team’s dominance for virtually two decades. Yet, the AFC East kings are no more—at least not anymore, since the 2020 NFL season played out.

Tom Brady‘s New England Patriots won the divisional crown 17 of 19 years, beginning with his insertion as starting quarterback in 2021.

Only an improbable New York Jets’ championship in 2002, as they “played to win the game,” and a Chad Pennington-led Miami Dolphins title in 2008, squashed Bill Belichick’s perfect mark within the AFC East for the better part of the last two decades.

The very same year (2020) Brady bolted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saw Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills win their first AFC East championship since 1995. But as quickly as it seemed the Pats were trending downward was as fast as they rebounded, coming back strong in 2021 while the Bills try to navigate as one of the NFL’s favorites.

The Jets, still stuck in building mode, will have to wait their turn until Joe Douglas and company are confident that his roster can compete in one of the toughest divisions in football.

AFC East History

AFC East Championship Count (1970-2020):

1New England Patriots LogoBoston / New England Patriots21
2Miami Dolphins LogoMiami Dolphins14
3Buffalo Bills LogoBuffalo Bills9
4Indianapolis Colts LogoBaltimore / Indianapolis Colts6
5New York Jets LogoNew York Jets2

The history of the AFC East division stretches as far back as 1970 when the NFL-AFL merger shook things up quite a bit.

After Joe Namath‘s Super Bowl 3 shocker and the Kansas City Chiefs triumph in Super Bowl 4, the merger sent the then-Baltimore Colts to the AFC, along with the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers (while the rest of the old NFL played in the newly-formed NFC).

While it may have been a bad break for the Jets, Patriots, Bills and Dolphins, Don Shula’s Colts took it and ran away. Their 11-2-1 record and eventual Super Bowl 5 victory over the Dallas Cowboys kicked off the very first AFC East season in the National Football League—the very season after the Jets had just won their second-straight AFL East title.

AFL East Championship Count (1960-1969):

1Houston Oilers AFL 1968 LogoHouston Oilers4
2Buffalo Bills AFL 1968 LogoBuffalo Bills3
3New York Jets Logo, 1967-1969New York Jets / Titans2
4Boston Patriots AFL 1968 LogoBoston Patriots1
5Miami Dolphins AFL 1968 LogoMiami Dolphins0

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NY Jets Standings FAQ

How many AFC East division championships have the New York Jets won?

2: The New York Jets have won just two AFC East divisional championships, once in 1998 with Bill Parcells leading the way, and then again in 2002 with Herm Edwards.

How many division championships have the New York Jets won?

4: The New York Jets have won four division championships in their history, two of which came within the AFC East (1998 and 2002), and another two that came within the AFL's East division (1968 and 1969>

When did the AFC East move to just four teams?

2002: The expansion Houston Texans, in 2002, moved the NFL to 32 teams, which allowed the league to move from a six-division layout to an eight-division layout. The Indianapolis Colts, who had played in the AFC East since its inception in 1970 (the then-Baltimore Colts), moved out of the AFC East and into the AFC South, leaving the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins as the four AFC East teams.

How many games did the New York Jets win in the 2021 NFL season?

4: The New York Jets won four games and lost 13 in the first-ever 17-game NFL schedule (2021 season).

Where did the 2021 New York Jets finish in the AFC East?

Fourth: The 4-13 New York Jets finished fourth out of four teams in the AFC East, in the 2021 NFL season.

Which team won the AFC East division championship in the 2021 NFL season?

Buffalo Bills: The 11-6 Buffalo Bills won their second-straight AFC East division championship in the 2021 NFL season. The 10-7 New England Patriots finished second, the 9-8 Miami Dolphins finished third, and the 4-13 New York Jets finished fourth (last).

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