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Robert Saleh, Joe Douglas
Robert Saleh, Joe Douglas, NY Jets, Getty Images

Join the Jets X-Factor team to create NY Jets content

Fill out the following submission if interested in hopping aboard the team in any fashion: writer, podcaster, video host, producer, etc. Keep in mind, however, that the qualifications will be tough, and the approval process should be lengthy.

Whether it’s written copy, editing, web development, graphic design, podcasting, video production, social media or any relative skill, Jets X-Factor considers all possibilities.

Skills considered:

  • Written copy
  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Social media
  • Podcast production
  • Audio talent/personality
  • Webmaster skills
  • SEO expertise

In addition, partnerships are also a consideration at all times.

Jets X-Factor Careers application

    Your Full Name:

    Your Email:

    Referral, if Any:

    Position Seeking (What you're looking to do):

    Level of Jets/Football expertise:

    A Little About Yourself:

    Something About Yourself Nobody Knows or Understands From a Distance:

    How Often You Would Contribute:

    Experience in Sports Media Industry:

    Title of Story OR Podcast or Video Show:

    Body of Story OR URL of Podcast or Video Show (You also may attach your story while writing "attached" in the field or provide URL to an example.):

    ***EMAIL robby.sabo[at]jetsxfactor.com if form submission doesn't work or if any media (images, video) needs to be communicated.

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