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Jet X Offseason Simulator | New York Jets Mock Draft, Free Agency

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Play as the Jets GM

🏈The Jets X-Factor Offseason Simulator is currently live during the 2022 NFL offseason.

  • ⭐️Trade for A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf or Deebo Samuel.
  • 🚨Trade away Zach Wilson (if you’re a complete nut who’s willing to give Sam Darnold two-plus years of time but not the new kid, or if you simply want to see how it could potentially play out).
  • ✂️Cut players.
  • ✍️Re-sign your own players.
  • 💰Sign the free agents you think will make the biggest difference.
  • 📲Run the Jets War Room in the 2022 NFL draft (full mock draft with live trading).

Click the ✅START button below to play the Jet X Offseason Simulator (the start button will only show if you’re a Jets X-Factor Member and you’re logged in):

To play the Jet X Offseason Simulator, you must be a Jets X-Factor member and logged-in.

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Only Jets X-Factor 📛SUBSCRIBERS can access the Offseason Simulator (monthly subscription comes with a 30-day free trial).

  • Make sure you’re logged in before entering the Offseason Simulator (if a subscriber).
  • Follow the below instructions to subscribe (if not a subscriber).
  • Click the START button above to use the simulator (the start button will only show up if you’re a subscriber and you’re logged into the website).
  • The Jet X Offseason Simulator will be updated regularly throughout the season and offseason process, including a revamped Version 2.0 for 2022 once the 2021 season officially concludes. 
  • Email feedback to robby.sabo@jetsxfactor.com (comments, concerns, changes you’d like to see and/or features you’d like to see implemented. 

👀Screenshot and share!

  • Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, screenshot your results and share to your favorite social media platforms.

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