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Nania's QB Grades

Nania’s QB Grades by Jets X-Factor delivers original and unique New York Jets quarterback grades from co-founder Michael Nania, specifically as it relates to Aaron Rodgers (now) and previously Zach Wilson.

Considering Nania’s QB Grades started in 2019, at Jets X-Factor, the analytics are also available for Sam Darnold’s 2019 and 2020 seasons as well, in addition to backup quarterbacks such as Joe Flacco, Mike White, and even Josh Johnson.

Zach Wilson: 2022

Week 4 at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 5 vs. Miami Dolphins

Week 6 at Green Bay Packers

Week 7 at Denver Broncos

Week 8 vs. New England Patriots

Week 9 vs. Buffalo Bills

Week 11 at New England Patriots

Mike White: Week 12 vs. Chicago Bears

Mike White: Week 13 at Minnesota Vikings

Mike White: Week 14 at Buffalo Bills

Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions

Week 16 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike White: Week 17 at Seattle Seahawks

Zach Wilson: 2021

Preseason Weeks 1-2 at Giants and Packers

Week 1 at Carolina Panthers

Week 2 vs. New England Patriots

Week 3 at Denver Broncos

Week 4 vs. Tennessee Titans

Week 5 at Atlanta Falcons

Week 7 at New England Patriots (Wilson and Mike White)

Week 8 vs. Cincinnati Bengals (White)

Week 9 at Indianapolis Colts (White and Josh Johnson)

Week 10 vs. Buffalo Bills (White)

Week 11 vs. Miami Dolphins (Joe Flacco)

Week 12 at Houston Texans

Week 13 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Week 14 vs. New Orleans Saints

Week 15 at Miami Dolphins

Week 16 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 17 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 18 at Buffalo Bills

Sam Darnold: 2020

Week 1 at Buffalo Bills

Week 2 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Week 3 at Indianapolis Colts

Week 4 vs. Denver Broncos

Week 5 vs. Arizona Cardinals (Joe Flacco)

Week 6 at Miami Dolphins (Flacco)

Week 7 vs. Buffalo Bills

Week 8 at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 9 vs. New England Patriots (Flacco)

Week 11 at Los Angeles Chargers (Flacco)

Week 12 vs. Miami Dolphins

Week 13 vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Week 14 at Seattle Seahawks

Week 15 at Los Angeles Rams

Week 16 vs. Cleveland Browns

Week 17 at New England Patriots

QB Grades Explaination

Following the conclusion of the 2019 season, I sat back and wondered to myself, What has been the best game of Sam Darnold’s career to date?” I started off by nonchalantly scoring each game on a scale of 0-10 off the top of my head. And then it hit me. What if I scored every single play of Darnold’s career on a scale of 0-10?

So that’s what I did. Digging through the All-22 film, I went back and graded every play (pass attempt, sack, rushing attempt) from every one of Darnold’s games, scoring each on a scale of 0-10 (5 representing an average play).

Anything and everything is taken into account. Ball placement. Should-be turnovers. Unlucky turnovers. Protection quality. Play-calling effectiveness. The number of open targets available and their locations on the field relative to the quarterback. Impact of the route-running and ball-tracking by the intended receiver. Down and distance. Field position. Game situation.

Every layer of decision-making is considered. Did Darnold choose the best available option? Did he scan the field to check all possible options? Did he take an over-aggressive shot when a first down was available underneath? Did he check down too early with a potential big play open down the field? Should he have tucked and run? Did he take a sack he should not have? Should he have thrown the ball away? Was there absolutely no option available for him to pick up yards, excusing a lack of production?

Simple statistics do not account for any of those factors. Using a manual, play-by-play grading system, many crucial variables that usually go overlooked are being properly valued. Sprinkle in this essential context, and we get a grade that is much more representative of the quarterback’s true performance level than standard box score numbers.

Darnold’s final scores are scaled from 0-to-100, with 50 representing the approximate league average (based on the analysis of other quarterbacks).

Breakdowns of every Sam Darnold performance from 2019-20 can be found at the links above, featuring my overall grade for each game. The grades will continue for Zach Wilson and any other Jets passers that appear in 2021.