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Ethics, Standards, Corrections, Fact-Checking Commitment

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Jets X-Factor, a credentialed media organization producing the best New York Jets content in the world (NY Jets news, rumors, analytics, film, podcasts), is committed to keeping this website up to date and accurate.

Should you nevertheless encounter anything that is incorrect or out of date, we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Please indicate where on the website you read the information. We will then look at this as soon as possible. Please send your response by email to: robby.sabo[at]jetsxfactor.com.

We are not liable for loss as a result of inaccuracies or incompleteness, nor for loss resulting from problems caused by or inherent to the dissemination of information through the internet, such as disruptions or interruptions. When using web forms, we strive to limit the number of required fields to a minimum. For any loss suffered as a result of the use of data, advice or ideas provided by or on behalf of Jets X-Factor via this website, Jets X-Factor accepts no liability.

All intellectual property rights to content on this website are vested in Jets X-Factor.

Copying, disseminating and any other use of these materials is not permitted without the written permission of Jets X-Factor, except and only insofar as otherwise stipulated in regulations of mandatory law (such as the right to quote), unless specific content dictates otherwise.

If you have any questions or problems with the accessibility of the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Editorial Process

Jets X-Factor creates content with a layered editorial process in place. It also maintains 100 percent editorial independence.

Jet X strives to deliver an accurate yet angled vision of the New York Jets with an AP-styled journalistic backdrop.

Corrections, Updates and Deletions

Jets X-Factor makes every effort for content to be completely accurate upon publication. If a correction is required, we maintain transparency and update a story if new information either adds to or invalidates the original story. Jet X will update content if real-time news breaks or if a factual or grammatical situation arises.

Nearly all content is left live with updates. Content will only be removed under unusual yet ethical situations.

Accurate headlines, readership value

• Each article features an accurate headline.
• Our articles feature fresh information that provides value to readers.
• We respond to any inquiry dealing with uncertainty, especially regarding questioned facts.

Jets X-Factor’s top priority is to deliver quality content to its readers. Trust is of the utmost importance as a credentialed media source.

First and foremost, accurate headlines and titles are key. Published rumors or fan theories that may not be 100% confirmed are accompanied by information within the body of the article stating that fact (or uncertainty). As a credentialed New York Jets media company, AP-style writing with clear and concise headlines—that avoid clickbait titles—is part of our daily mission statement.

Proper journalism best practices

Jets X-Factor adheres to professional journalistic practices.

To ensure all of our writers are on the same page, we provide them with proper sourcing, attribution and responsible fact-checking practices. We also stress the importance of research and objectivity in their reporting, along with how to properly use data sets, quotes, and other original source material.

Jets X-Factor ensures that third-party sources are attributed by the content creator’s name and publication attached. Attribution almost always features a link to the outside domain, whether it’s a website or social media account.

Jets X-Factor values its readers. Its website, associated social media accounts, newsletter and mobile applications are designed to entertain and inform New York Jets fans.

Checking for comment

If we plan to publish an article in which information is not 100% confirmed (such as industry rumors or leaks), our standard is to reach out to the individual, entity, or their respective PR personnel for comment.

Our articles will state whether we received a response to that request for comment, so readers know who we attempted to reach in the process of our reporting.