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New York Jets Film Room at Jets X-Factor features film breakdowns and analysis from Blewett’s Blitz, Sabo’s Sessions, and more.

The young New York Jets feature young players up and down the depth chart, so much so that intense film analysis of each of these kids is beyond warranted.

Whether it’s Aaron Rodgers’s in-game brilliance or Garrett Wilson’s uncanny route-running ability, Jets X-Factor’s film breakdowns cover it all.

Blewett’s Blitz, Sabo’s Sessions, and Nania’s All-22 are just three of the several film breakdown shows Jet X has to offer.

Blewett’s Blitz

Blewett's Blitz

Blewett’s Blitz is Jets X-Factor’s film breakdown show featuring Joe Blewett, one of the foremost New York Jets film analysis experts in the land.

A former player, Joe’s tedious insight into the specificities of individual techniques and terminology allows the fan an under-the-hood peek into what players are ultimately looking to accomplish on the football field.

Sabo’s Sessions

Sabo's Sessions

Sabo’s Sessions attacks the New York Jets film game from a more team-oriented and strategic perspective.

Robby Sabo, a former college safety and current high school coach, dives into the team aspects and strategy on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Nania’s All-22

Nania's All-22

Nania’s All-22 highlights player-specific callouts rarely seen from the broadcast angle.

Jets X-Factor co-founder Michael Nania marries film and analytics in a way that allows the spotlight to shine brightly where it’s most deserving.

Sidearm Session

Sidearm Session

Sidearm Session focuses on quarterback play at the NFL level, specifically New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers (previously Zach Wilson, of course).

Vitor Paiva, a former quarterback himself, painfully combs through the details of correct quarterback technique and efficiency.

Back Shoulder Breakdown

Back Shoulder Breakdown

Back Shoulder Breakdown not only focuses on the quarterback position but also digs deeper into some of the more fundamental aspects of football play.

James Wighaus, a former quarterback, analyzes technique, progression, and reads from the correct progression perspective.

Crnic’s CFB Film

Crinic's College Football Film

Crnic’s CFB Film brings the best of college football All-22 to the bale.

Sam Crnic gets the New York Jets fan ready for each NFL draft season by breaking down which prospects could be New York Jets bound.