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New York Jets Sign Rookies Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson; Have $6.2M Cap Space

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NY Jets Salary Cap Totals

2022 NFL Salary Cap$208,200,000
2021 Rollover Cap$850,772
Adjusted Salary Cap$211,000,000
All Contracts$154,914,108$59,070,626$18,619,743-$100,000--$231,919,476
Top 51 Contracts$124,789,108$58,817,615$18,619,743-$100,000--$202,299,476
Reserve/Non-Football Injury Money$455,000------$455,000
Dead Money-$2,092,411-----$2,092,411
Total (All)$155,369,108$61,163,037$18,619,743-$100,000--$234,466,887
Total (w/Top 51)$125,244,108$60,910,026$18,619,743-$100,000--$204,846,887
Cap Space (w/All)-$23,466,887
💰Cap Space (w/Top 51)$6,153,113

The New York Jets salary cap situation left them with around $47.649 million to play with this offseason. Now, after their initial string of major signings—Laken Tomlinson, C.J. Uzomah, Tyler Conklin, D.J. Reed, Jordan Whitehead and others—the Jets have a little over $13 million in cap space remaining.

After spending a good amount of money on free agents in 2021, general manager Joe Douglas headed into the 2022 offseason with plenty of holes to fill.

Who the Jets targeted this offseason was certainly interesting, position-wise. Adding two solid tight ends, two defensive backs and a Pro Bowl offensive lineman will certainly help the depth chart.

In terms of in-house free agents, New York elected to re-sign Braxton Berrios but opted to let Marcus Maye walk.

New York Jets salaries are a bit of a mystery at this point. It’s not that the New York Jets‘ salary cap situation is unknown, but due to general manager Joe Douglas‘s conservative free agent approach over his first two offseasons, few truly know what to expect moving forward.

C.J. Mosley‘s $17.5 million number in 2022 represents the team’s highest cap hit. Carl Lawson ranks second with a cap hit of $15.3.

The 2022 offseason will be a critical one for the Jets and their football-building plan moving forward.

NY Jets Salaries: Active Roster

C.J. MosleyILB$16,000,000$1,500,000------$20,500,000$17,500,0008.29
Carl LawsonDE$15,000,000$333,333------$15,666,667$15,333,3337.27
Corey DavisWR$13,000,000$666,666------$14,333,334$13,666,6666.48
John Franklin-MyersDE$1,500,000$400,000$10,470,576-$100,000---$13,700,000$12,470,5765.91
George FantRT$9,750,000$1,000,000$352,935-----$1,000,000$11,102,9355.26
Quinnen WilliamsDE$965,000$5,419,431$4,165,823-----$10,350,254$10,550,2545
Connor McGovernC$9,000,000$1,333,334------$1,333,334$10,333,3344.9
Zach WilsonQB$2,257,758$5,731,033------$28,759,647$7,988,7913.79
Sheldon RankinsDT$4,500,000$750,000$941,168-----$2,250,000$6,191,1682.93
Ahmad GardnerCB$705,000$5,376,964------$33,450,802$6,081,9642.88
Laken TomlinsonG$1,120,000$4,260,000------$13,900,000$5,380,0002.55
Mekhi BectonLT$2,286,913$2,743,827------$10,899,937$5,030,7402.38
C.J. UzomahTE$3,000,000$1,666,666------$15,000,000$4,666,6662.21
D.J. ReedS$1,035,000$3,155,000$411,754-----$10,500,000$4,601,7542.18
Jordan WhiteheadS$1,035,000$2,982,500$205,884-----$7,000,000$4,223,3842
Braxton BerriosWR$1,035,000$2,732,500------$7,000,000$3,767,5001.79
Garrett WilsonWR$705,000$3,032,092------$20,554,006$3,737,0921.77
Alijah Vera-TuckerG$1,382,047$2,228,187------$12,996,841$3,610,2341.71
Joe FlaccoQB$1,120,000$1,730,000$535,294-----$2,850,000$3,385,2941.6
Tyler ConklinTE$1,035,000$1,688,333$650,000-----$10,000,000$3,373,3331.6
Dan FeeneyG$1,035,000$1,965,000------$3,000,000$3,000,0001.42
Mike WhiteQB$2,540,000-------$2,540,0001.2
Quincy WilliamsOLB$2,540,000-------$2,540,0001.2
Nate HerbigG$2,433,000-------$2,433,0001.15
Eddy PineiroK$2,433,000-------$2,433,0001.15
Jermaine JohnsonDE$705,000$1,674,535------$13,087,443$2,379,5351.13
Jake MartinOLB$1,035,000$1,321,667------$6,000,000$2,356,6661.12
Solomon ThomasDE$1,434,000$476,000$340,000-----$1,910,000$2,250,0001.07
LaMarcus JoynerFS$1,400,000$700,000$29,411-----$2,100,000$2,129,4111.01
Justin HardeeCB$1,800,000-$235,280-----$2,035,2800.96
Elijah MooreWR$1,066,383$965,532------$4,962,979$2,031,9150.96
Greg ZuerleinK$1,500,000$250,000$235,294-----$1,000,000$1,985,2940.94
Conor McDermottT$1,300,000$250,000------$450,000$1,550,0000.73
Tevin ColemanRB$1,250,000$250,000------$650,000$1,500,0000.71
Denzel MimsWR$1,103,973$377,946------$755,892$1,481,9190.7
Ashtyn DavisFS$1,057,034$284,070------$568,140$1,341,1040.64
Chuma EdogaRT$965,000$216,750------$216,750$1,181,7500.56
Thomas HennessyLS$1,035,000$125,000------$250,000$1,160,0000.55
Trevon WescoFB$965,000$176,643------$176,643$1,141,6430.54
La'Mical PerineRB$895,000$186,336------$372,672$1,081,3360.51
Marcell HarrisS$1,035,000$100,000$46,324-----$450,000$1,041,3240.49
Michael CarterRB$825,000$201,842------$605,526$1,026,8420.49
Bryce HallCB$895,000$78,951------$157,902$973,9510.46
Ty JohnsonRB$965,000-------$965,0000.46
Kai NacuaS$965,000-------$965,0000.46
Nathan ShepherdDE$1,035,000$50,000------$50,000$945,0000.45
Braden MannP$895,000$44,275------$88,550$939,2750.45
Jeremy RuckertTE$705,000$212,256------$849,024$917,2560.43
Jamien SherwoodS$825,000$88,714------$266,142$913,7140.43
Michael CarterCB$825,000$82,232------$246,696$907,2320.43
Bradlee AnaeDE$895,000$10,000------$85,000$905,0000.43
Bryce HuffOLB$895,000$5,000------$5,000$900,000$5,0000.43
Vinny CurryDE$1,120,000-------$800,000$895,0000.42
Will ParksS$1,035,000-------$895,0000.42
Tanzel SmartDT$1,035,000-------$895,0000.42
Nick BawdenFB895,000-------$895,0000.42
Javelin Guidry Jr.CB$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Jovante MoffattS$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Del'Shawn PhillipsLB$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Ross PierschbacherG$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Elijah RileyCB$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Dru SamiaG$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Greg SenatT$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Jeff SmithWR$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Tim WardDE$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Javin WhiteLB$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Jabari ZunigaDE$895,000-------$895,0000.42
Jason PinnockCB$825,000$67,613------$202,839$892,613$67,6130.42
Hamsah NasirildeenS$825,000$51,961------$155,883$876,961$51,9610.42
Brandin EcholsCB$825,000$43,545------$130,635$868,545$43,5450.41
Jonathan MarshallDT$825,000$42,227------$126,681$867,227$42,2270.41
Isaiah DunnCB$825,000$8,333------$16,667$833,333$8,3330.39
Lawrence CagerWR$825,000-------$825,0000.39
Derrick KellyT$825,000-------$825,0000.39
DJ MontgomeryWR$825,000-------$825,0000.39
Rachad WildgooseCB$825,000-------$825,0000.39
Kenny YeboahTE$825,000-------$825,0000.39
Zonovan KnightRB$705,000$10,000------$130,000$715,000$10,0000.34
DQ ThomasLB$705,000$8,333------$130,000$713,333$8,3330.34
Parker FergusonT$705,000$6,000------$12,000$711,000$6,0000.34
Keshunn AbramWR$705,000$5,000------$85,000$710,000$5,0000.34
Tony AdamsS$705,000$3,333------$110,000$708,333$3,3330.34
Irvin CharlesWR$705,000$1,666------$5,000$706,666$1,6660.33
Tarik BlackWR$705,000-------$705,0000.33
Grant HermannsT$705,000-------$705,0000.33
Calvin JacksonS$705,000-------$705,0000.33
Hamilcar RashedDE$705,000-------$705,0000.33
Micheal ClemonsDE---------0
Breece HallRB---------0
Max MitchellT---------0

*All of Jets X-Factor’s New York Jets salary information comes via Spotrac.

NY Jets Salaries: Non-Football Injury

Rodney AdamsWR$455,000-------$455,0000.22

NY Jets Projected Draft Pool Salaries

Ahmad Gardner Round 1, Pick #4CB$705,000$5,376,963------$6,081,963$6,081,963
Garrett Wilson Round 1, Pick #10WR$705,000$3,032,092------$3,737,092$3,737,092
Jermaine Johnson Round 1, Pick #26DE$705,000$1,674,531------$2,379,531$2,379,531
Breece Hall Round 2, Pick #36RB$705,000$934,050------$1,639,050$1,639,050
Jeremy Ruckert Round 3, Pick #101TE$705,000$212,256------$917,256$212,256
Max Mitchell Round 4, Pick #111T$705,000$199,006------$904,006$199,006
Micheal Clemons Round 4, Pick #117DE$705,000$191,024------$896,024$191,024

The New York Jets allocated cap space for the 2022 NFL draft currently equals $19,747.714 and $16,927.714 as it relates to the Top 51 salary cap.

NY Jets Salaries: Dead Cap

Ryan GriffinTE-$500,000------$500,0000.24
Jabari ZunigaDE-$498,684------$498,6840.24
James MorganQB-$357,632------$357,6320.17
Cameron ClarkT-$345,496------$345,4960.16
Ryan GriffinTE-$199,412------$199,4120.09
Blake CashmanLB-$75,773------$75,7730.04
Blessuan AustinCB-$40,743------$40,7430.02
Milo EiflerLB-$13,334------$13,3340.01
Hamilcar RashedDE-$13,334------$13,3340.01
Kenny YeboahTE-$13,334------$13,3340.01
Teton SaltesOL-$12,000------$12,0000.01
Grant HermannsT-$6,667------$6,6670
Chris NaggarK-$6,000------$6,0000
Michael DwumfourDT-$3,334------$3,3340
Tristen HogeT-$3,334------$3,3340
Jordyn PetersS-$3,334------$3,3340

The New York Jets’ dead cap situation currently stands at $1,547.503, which is taking up 0.73 of the total cap (cap percentage).

NY Jets Salaries FAQ

Which New York Jets player has the highest 2021 cap hit?

C.J. Mosley's $17.5 million cap hit represents the New York Jets' highest cap it in 2022.

How much cap space are the New York Jets currently have?

The New York Jets currently have nearly $6.2 million in cap space remaining, after the free-agent signings of Laken Tomlinson, C.J. Uzomah, Tyler Conklin, D.J. Reed, Jordan Whitehead and others, and after many of the rookie signings, per Spotrac.

How much is Zach Wilson's rookie contract worth?

New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson signed a four-year, $35.1 million contract with a signing bonus worth $22.9 million. The Jets have a team-option for a fifth-year.

Who is the New York Jets highest-paid player?

New York Jets edge defender Carl Lawson has a $17.5 million cap hit, making him the team's highest-paid player in the 2022 NFL season.

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