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New York Jets Player Records: All-Time Leaders, Career Stats

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NY Jets Player Records

Career Passing YardsJoe Namath HeadshotJoe Namath27,0571965-1976
Single-Season Passing YardsJoe Namath HeadshotJoe Namath4,007❗️1967
Career Passing TDJoe Namath HeadshotJoe Namath1701965-1976
Single-Season Passing TDRyan Fitzpatrick HeadshotRyan Fitzpatrick312015
Career Rushing YardsCurtis Martin HeadshotCurtis Martin10,3021998-2005
Single-Season Rushing YardsCurtis Martin HeadshotCurtis Martin1,6972004
Career Rushing TDCurtis Martin HeadshotCurtis Martin581998-2005
Single-Season Rushing TDThomas Jones HeadshotThomas Jones142009
Career Receiving YardsDon Maynard HeadshotDon Maynard11,732❗️1960-1972
Single-Season Receiving YardsBrandon Marshall HeadshotBrandon Marshall1,5022015
Career Receiving TDDon Maynard HeadshotDon Maynard881960-1972
Single-Season Receiving TDDon Maynard HeadshotDon Maynard

Brandon Marshall

Art Powell
141965, 2015, 1960
Career ReceptionsDon Maynard HeadshotDon Maynard627❗️1960-1972
Single-Season ReceptionsBrandon Marshall HeadshotBrandon Marshall1092015
Career InterceptionsBill Baird HeadshotBill Baird341963-1969
Single-Season InterceptionsDainard Paulson HeadshotDainard Paulson121964
Career SacksMark Gastineau HeadshotMark Gastineau741979-1988
Single-Season SacksMark Gastineau HeadshotMark Gastineau22❗️1984
Career Solo TacklesKyle Clifton HeadshotKyle Clifton1,4681984-1996
Career Pass DeflectionsDarrelle Revis HeadshotDarrelle Revis1122007-2012, 2015-2016
Career Points ScoredPat Leahy HeadshotPat Leahy1,4701974-1991
Single-Season Points ScoredJim Turner HeadshotJim Turner1451968
  • ❗️Denotes a previous NFL record

Joe Namath and Don Maynard lead the way; it’s as obvious as anything when the New York Jets player records are mentioned.

Joe Namath and Don Maynard Lead the Way

Namath leads the organization in nearly every all-time passing record—other than one. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 31 touchdowns in 2015 stand as the franchise’s single-season record. It stands out as one of the more interesting records, considering Fitzpatrick’s polarizing nature among the fanbase.

The previously mentioned Maynard isn’t just the greatest wide receiver in Jets history, but he’s also one of the greatest in NFL history. Other than some of the modern records, controlled by Brandon Marshall, who, much like Fitzpatrick, had two extra games to play with, Maynard owns the receiving categories.

None other than Curtis Martin is the man to complete the all-time triplets trio, as his eight seasons in New York put him atop most of the all-time rushing categories.

New York Jets records are richer than the average NFL fan thinks.

For instance, New York Jets legend Joe Namath became the first-ever quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a single season in 1967. Remember, both the AFL and NFL played a 14-game schedule then, and the passing game wasn’t nearly as advanced as it is today.

Naturally, Namath tops the Jets’ all-time passing list with 25,057 career yards, with Ken O’Brien comfortably sitting in second place.

Elsewhere, Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin is the organization’s all-time rushing leader, while another Hall of Famer, Don Maynard, is way out in front on the receiving end of things.

Then there are the sacks, as the Jets have enjoyed a rich history of sack masters.

The famed New York Sack Exchange of the early 1980s produced a Mark Gastineau single-season NFL record and a versatile stud in Joe Klecko.

From defensive dominance to high-flying offensive ball, the New York Jets’ record book features a little bit of everything.

NY Jets All-Time Passing

1Joe Namath2705717021550.21836365565.891198.9102151560-61-413619651976
2Ken O'Brien243861249558.8203934658196196.7338131650-55-112419841992
3Richard Todd1824111013854.61433262368.687178.82304942-51-110219761983
4Chad Pennington13738825565.61259191988.971199.11326832-29-06920002007
5Vinny Testaverde124977758591094185480.282192.377141335-26-06519982005
6Mark Sanchez12092686955.11028186771.77419512681033-29-06220092012
7Boomer Esiason8478493958.7764130278.277197.2641215-27-04319931995
8Sam Darnold8097453959.8729121978.692213.1983413-25-03820182020
9Ryan Fitzpatrick6615433258.356396580.369220.5382313-14-03020152016
10Geno Smith5962283657.950186672.474180.7773712-18-03320132016
11Al Dorow5399455647.739883458.876192.84413-14-02819601961
12Dick Wood4502354446.332971057.771180.12110-12-22519631964
13Pat Ryan4222313156.135463172.65029.9462311-8-014119781989
14Zach Wilson4022151855.234562570.979182.867238-14-02220212022
15Neil O'Donnell3943211456.936964876.778187.863008-12-02119961997
16Brett Favre3472222265.7343522815621730129-7-01620082008
17Josh McCown3465191364.532750786.169203.846125-11-01720172018
18Al Woodall2970182348.924650360.36795.860115-14-03119691974
19Matt Robinson2503152645.916135153.47771.540116-7-03519771979
20Browning Nagle236171749.419940355.951131.230003-10-01819911993
21Joe Flacco225314657.521136781.566187.819111-8-01220202022
22Frank Reich2205151652.917533168.952220.5141-6-01019961996
23Glenn Foley2186101653.718935263.248121.421121-7-01819941998
24Mike White214581262.219130775.460268.113112-5-0820212022
25Ray Lucas1939141158.1186320765653.917336-3-03619972000

The New York Jets all-time leaders in the passing department are pretty damn singular. Joe Namath is the Jets’ all-time leader in nearly every passing category.

Namath’s 27,057 career passing yards are nearly 3,000 clear of Ken O’Brien—in spite of playing in a tougher era for quarterbacks—and his 170 career passing touchdowns trump O’Brien’s 124.

NY Jets All-Time Rushing

1Curtis Martin103025825606083.841712319982005
2Freeman McNeil80743817986956.14.54514419811992
3Emerson Boozer51355212915443.542911819661975
4Matt Snell42852410576049.84.1178619641972
5Johnny Hector428041105164344.11712619831992
6John Riggins3880259284263.64.2226119711975
7Thomas Jones3833289317179.94.164820072009
8Bilal Powell3675158507533.74.3810920112019
9Bill Mathis35893710447926.23.41313719601969
10Adrian Murrell3447158607847.24177319931997
11Shonn Greene3423188223656.14.2116120092012
12Brad Baxter2928357793131.13.8169419891995
13Scott Dierking2901187314028.441110219771983
14Chris Ivory2724166277159.24.384620132015
15Clark Gaines255285815239.34.4116519761980
16Kevin Long21902557427303.8137319771981
17Blair Thomas200954684139.44.385119901993
18Bruce Harper182983747818.54.9279919771984
19Leon Washington1782133706132.44.8115520062009
20Johnny Johnson175264389056.5493119931994
21LaMont Jordan1277102626120.64.956220012004
22Roger Vick1231931739283.9124419871989
23Matt Forte119493213245.93.722620162017
24LaDainian Tomlinson119472943141.24.142920102011
25Michael Carter104172615534.7433020212022

The New York Jets career stats in the rushing department bring us to another Pro Football Hall of Fame player: Curtis Martin.

From his 10,302 rushing yards to his 58 rushing touchdowns, Martin leads the way in the Jets’ all-time rushing department.

NY Jets All-Time Receiving

1Don Maynard11732886278718.73.668.2517219601972
2Wesley Walker83067143896192.853.9915419771989
3Wayne Chrebet7365415809707059.80%
4Al Toon660531517577812.84.861.7510719851992
5Laveranues Coles5941374597676359.80%
6George Sauer4965283097716.13.759.138419651970
7Mickey Shuler48193743851112.730.1816019781989
8Jerome Barkum4789403266314.72.130.3415819721983
9Jerricho Cotchery4514183585897160.80%
10Rich Caster4434362459118.12.341.4510719701977
11Rob Moore4258223063756913.945657619901994
12Keyshawn Johnson4108313055336557.20%
13Art Powell3178272048015.64.975.724219601962
14Chosen Anderson3059202073829254.20%14.883.349.346220162019
15Bake Turner3002221917115.72.133.459019631969
16Freeman McNeil296112295255910220.64514419811992
17Dustin Keller2876172414115458.60%11.973.339.927220082012
18Derrick Gaffney261371565016.81.626.1010019781987
19Richie Anderson2449103054274871.40%85.72.318.3913419932002
20Jeremy Kerley2442102043426659.60%127.12.529.8128220112017
21Curtis Martin243953674533481.00%6.65.4319.81712319982005
22Santana Moss2416191512646957.20%169.2347.485120012004
23Bruce Harper24091222072112.224.3279919771984
24Pete Lammons2345141846112.72.228.368319661971
25Lam Jones2322131385516.82.338.166119801984
26Brandon Marshall2290171683016955.80%
27Eric Decker2183191632687460.80%
28Santonio Holmes2128161462976949.20%
29Johnny Mitchell2086161582936553.90%13.27.1339.435319921995
30Chris Burkett2064101551737713.3227.227619891993
31Justin McCareins206271412785150.70%
32Jamison Crowder1979141882826966.70%10.574.749.514020192021
33Dedric Ward1815111192517147.40%15.37.2230.845919972000
34Bill Mathis177591497011.91.1131313719601969
35Eddie Bell17741211883151.521.928119701975
36Johnny Hector166131883328.81.513.21712619831992
37Quincy Enunwa161751192226953.60%
38Bilal Powell160052113093668.30%
39Braylon Edwards157011981917451.30%
40Chris Baker1505121452114768.70%
41Emerson Boozer1488121394910.71.212.62911819661975
42Clark Gaines14216164318.72.521.9116519761980
43Matt Snell13757193547.12.216178619641972
44Jeff Graham13308921767852.30%
45Terance Mathis1242493875513.41.519.4126419901993
46David Knight11897734916.31.320.505819731977
47Jerald Sowell118851471926276.60%
48Jermaine Kearse118161021785157.30%
49Anthony Becht1164171332133062.40%
50John Riggins116261296792.119226119711975

As tough as nails, wide receiver Don Maynard is often argued for as the New York Jets’ greatest all-time player. Although it’s tough to dismiss Namath’s overall importance to the franchise—and to the NFL as a whole—pound for pound, Maynard may just be that guy.

Don Maynard racked up an incredible 11,732 receiving yards for the Jets, a number that represented the NFL’s all-time mark for quite some time.

Behind No. 13 is Wesley Walker, Wayne Chrebet, and, of course, the incomparable Al Toon.

NY Jets All-Time Tackles

RkPlayerSolo TklTFLFFFRYdsFR TDGFromTo
1Kyle Clifton146813156020419841996
2Mo Lewis101137261274120019912003
3Marvin Jones73025981014219932003
4David Harris710551040015420072016
5Victor Green61987139013919932001
6James Hasty49161872011119881994
7Brian Washington46068007719901994
8Shaun Ellis4048013520117020002010
9Marvin Washington3581020012419891996
10Aaron Glenn33825622012119942001
11Jeff Lageman33073008219891994
12Bryan Thomas329676623015720022012
13Kerry Rhodes32823658818020052009
14Demario Davis3273105808020122017
15Darrelle Revis317411028010820072016
16Calvin Pace3166516750112020082015
17Jonathan Vilma30517531605520042007
18Eric Barton3032035306820042008
19Ray Mickens2975530012619962003
20James Farrior2721662007619972001
21Jason Ferguson25818610010119972004
22Erik Coleman255801006320042007
23Rich Miano25020006019851989
24Victor Hobson24422257517620032007
25Muhammad Wilkerson2437111121110520112017

Discussing the tackles category is a tricky thing in football for one apparent reason: Tackles were not always so stringently tallied.

In terms of solo tackles, maniac linebacker Kyle Clifton is the Jets’ all-time leader with 1,468.

NY Jets All-Time Sacks

1Mark Gastineau107.513719791988
2Joe Klecko7814019771987
3Shaun Ellis72.54217020002010
4Gerry Philbin6511019641972
5Verlon Biggs58.58019651970
6John Abraham53.57320002005
7Mo Lewis52.520019912003
8Calvin Pace466712020082015
9Muhammad Wilkerson44.510310520112017
10Marty Lyons4314719791989
11John Elliott38.58519671973
12Larry Grantham38.517519601972
13Marvin Washington37.512419891996
14David Harris356715420072016
15Jeff Lageman34.58219891994
16Bryan Thomas33.54015720022012
17Mark Lomas316719701974
18Dennis Byrd285719891992
19Quinnen Williams27.5605720192022
20Jordan Jenkins22.5467220162020
21Hugh Douglas224019951997
22Abdul Salaam219719761983
23Jason Ferguson20.510119972004
24Scott Mersereau1910219871993
25Barry Bennett18.58119821988

Similar to tackles, sacks are another incredibly difficult stat to track. Because the stat did not become official until 1982, Jets’ great and recent Hall of Fame inductee Joe Klecko got screwed.

Fortunately, our sack list includes the unofficial number that counts sacks pre-1982, which puts Mark Gastineau at 107.5 and Klecko at 78.

NY Jets All-Time Interceptions

1Bill Baird342357549819631969
2Dainard Paulson291343478419611966
3Darrelle Revis25112346310010820072016
4Larry Grantham2413084117519601972
5Victor Green242725298713919932001
6James Hasty2412514011119881994
7Aaron Glenn2436329410012119942001
8Erik McMillan225608927619881992
9Al Atkinson2102243612019651974
10Burgess Owens212313499719731979
11Darrol Ray213581717219801984
12Bobby Jackson212196779519781985
13Ralph Baker1922186714219641974
14Brian Washington182206627719901994
15Johnny Lynn171271679719791986
16Johnny Sample172173414119661968
17Ken Schroy1612068211319771984
18Lance Mehl151145389719801987
19Greg Buttle1512154411019761984
20Kerry Rhodes15480189508020052009
21Lee Riley150181412619611962
22Mo Lewis142142416720019912003
23Jim Hudson140195455419651970
24Jerry Holmes141158437619801987
25Marcus Coleman14431259989119962001

While we know Darrelle Revis is the New York Jets’ greatest defensive back in history, it’s Bill Baird who leads the interception category with 34 all-time thefts. Baird’s running mate, Dainard Paulson, ranks second with 29.

Remember, the high-flying 1960s of AFL football featured a ton of passing yardage and turnovers. It’s why guys like Baird and Paulson lead the way here, and it’s also why Joe Namath and others in his era piled up the interceptions thrown.

Revis’s 112 pass deflections are by far the most in Jets’ history.

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