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New York Jets injuries seem fictional at this point as the organization simply cannot seem to get out of their own way in this nagging department.

Under Adam Gase, it seemed no New York Jets player could stay healthy. Mekhi Becton missed entire games while also having to leave games early, and Sam Darnold never played a full season.

The Jets quarterback even contracted mono. It’s the stuff that simply cannot be made up.

Joe Douglas knew he had to do something entering the 2021 NFL season. One major change of note coincides with Dr. Brad Deweese’s hiring. The Jets hired Deweese to head their new Athletic Care and Performance Department, with an eye on preventing future injuries.

Although it sounded exciting in the offseason, the early returns have been unimaginable.

Carl Lawson and Vinny Curry went down for the season in August (during a trip to Green Bay), others such as Ashtyn Davis and Cameron Clark can’t seem to get back on the field, Mekhi Becton experienced an unlucky roll-up in Carolina (Week 1), and Marcus Maye will miss about a month with an ankle injury.

Sure, many of these injuries have very little to do with Deweese and the organization’s actual injury-prevention performance—i.e. Curry’s preexisting concerns and Becton’s unlucky situation—but the early part of the 2021 season hasn’t been kind to the franchise.

It’s a familiar story the New York Jets and their fans have had to endure for quite some time. Hopefully, the newly established culture and the organizational process starts making headway on the injury front.

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NY Jets Injuries FAQ

Were the New York Jets the most injured NFL team in 2020?

No. Per Football Outsiders, the New York Jets finished as the 29th most injured team in the NFL in 2020. Only the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers suffered more Adjusted Games Lost via injury and COVID-19.

Where did the New York Jets rank in terms of COVID-19 games lost in 2020?

Although the Jets finished 29th in the Adjusted Games Lost category (injuries and COVID-19), they performed moderately well in the COVID-19-only category, finishing tied for 20th in the NFL.

What are the NFL's Injured Reserve (IR) rules?

The 2020 season saw a host of changes to the transactional and roster rulebook. Instead of having three IR-return designations (in which a player could return after eight weeks), 2020 ushered in a new rule that allows teams to have an unlimited number of IR-return designations (with players having to miss just three weeks of action). Season-ending IR still exists. The three-week IR should remain intact as long as the fear of teams stashing players on IR doesn't grow.

How does the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list work in the NFL?

Players who begin the season on the PUP list must first be cleared by medical personnel to return to action. No player who participates in training is eligible for the PUP list. Players on the PUP list cannot practice or play the first six weeks of the season. After Week 6, the player must be allowed to return to practice, placed on injured reserved or released within five weeks. If the player returns to practice, the team has three weeks to decide to place him on the active roster or on the injured reserve list. Players on the PUP list do not count aginst the 53-man roster, but do count against the 90-man roster limit.

What is the NFI list in the NFL?

The non-football injury list is for players who suffer an injury not related to NFL football or and keeps players from practicing at the start of training camp. The NFI covers injuries sustained during a player's final college football season.

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