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Download the Jet X Mobile App for access to every piece of Jets X-Factor content with real-time and customizable notifications.

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Click the device-appropriate App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) logo to download Jet X Mobile:

Mobile App Troubleshooting

Normally, when an internet user signs into a website (whether it’s Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), there’s a max period of time the user can remain logged in. The same can be said for the Jet X Mobile app, as when an article is being viewed, you, as the user, will have to be logged in to view the articles. (To view your current logged-in/logged-out status, whether on the app or the website, simply click the menu in the upper-left-hand corner on the article page.)

However, the website (webview) version of the site needs to communicate with the actual Jet X Mobile app that operates with the App Store and Google Play. This mobile app also has a profile system that syncs with the website/webview part of the process.

At times, for a myriad of reasons, the communication between the two logins can get fouled up.

Signs that something is wrong:

—If you notice that the website/webview (reading an article through the mobile app) is asking you to sign in every time you read an article.

—If you remain logged in on the mobile app side of things despite NOT being logged in on the website/webview (actual website when reading an article).

What you need to do is LOG OUT of your profile on the MOBILE APP to fix the sync issue.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Locate the login/logout part of the app (not the website/webview that’s viewed through the app).

APP LOGIN/LOGOUT (top left of menu):

Jet X Mobile Troubleshooting

Jet X Mobile Troubleshooting

2. Sign out, close the app, open the app and log back in. (You can even log back in from the website/webview part and all will be well.) You should be fine from there on out. 

Remember, you need to do that from the MOBILE APP login, NOT the website login that’s viewed through the app (webview), which looks like this:


Jet X Mobile Troubleshooting

Jet X Mobile Troubleshooting

Email robby.sabo@jetsxfactor.com for any further questions or technical support.

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