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Jet X Membership Options | New York Jets Film, Analytics, Simulator

Jets X-Factor Membership

Jet X Membership Plans

Welcome to Jets X-Factor, where film meets analytics from a football-first perspective. It’s the place that delivers the best damn New York Jets content in the world.

Unfortunately, the Jets fan will far too often come across a piece of website content that simply doesn’t make much sense or is severely lacking in quality. That’s today’s oversaturated content world—one that features mega-giants creating blogs for each of the professional sports teams, only to hire bloggers that lack a clear understanding of the game.

This is why Jets X-Factor exists: Jets fans deserve more.

Unlock every piece of Jets X-Factor content, as well as the Jet X Simulator, with any one of the three membership plans:

Level Price  
Jet X Monthly Trial Free 30-Day Trial Period, Then $4.99/Month | One Use Per Account, No Discount Codes Select
Jet X Yearly $49.99/Year | The Intelligent Jets Fan Savings Plan Select
Jet X Monthly $4.99/Month | The Monthly Plan To Select If Trial Plan Was Already Used Select

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  • Join over 1,000 other paid New York Jets-fan members.
  • No commitment, cancel anytime.
  • First month free (Jet X Monthly Trial membership plan).
  • Jet X Monthly Trial doesn’t charge the first payment until the first month has concluded (30 days).
  • Jet X Yearly is the intelligent Jets fan membership plan that comes with savings.
  • Jet X Monthly (no trial) is the monthly plan to use after the trial option was already used and canceled.

✅ Use the limited-time Discount Code “80” for a special $39.99 Yearly Membership or $3.99 Monthly Membership rate (Discount Code does not apply to the Jet X Monthly Trial option), per The Underdog Jets Podcast with Wayne Chrebet, and have the added bonus of having the chance to meet Wayne Chrebet virtually as well as receiving a free Chrebet-signed 8×10 photo.

Whether it comes by way of film breakdowns, analytics or New York Jets access, a Jet X Membership unlocks every piece of content sitewide, and it also allows the Jets fan to play the wildly popular Jet X Offseason Simulator. More than half of Jets X-Factor’s staff features former football players, while a couple of them are currently coaching at the high school level.

Remember, nothing in this world is free. The reason the market has become incredibly oversaturated is due to the free-content model. It’s why advertising has overtaken content and click-bait rages to this day. When traffic is the one and only goal, publishers will do whatever it takes to garner clicks in order to acquire more info with the intent to sell it.

A membership site turns that idea on its head. Ads disappear and quality becomes the focus.

Jets X-Factor Membership

Not everything we do is behind a paywall, but the best stuff is. Not only can New York Jets fans now keep up with their favorite team by way of news and credentialed stories, but they can also do it from a football-specific level—while also learning along the way.

  • Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled.
  • Unlimited devices.
  • All content is unlocked with either the monthly trial, monthly or yearly subscription.

Email robby.sabo[at]jetsxfactor.com if you cannot afford a subscription at the moment, and perhaps we can work something out.

Jet X Membership Perks

Download Jet X Mobile on the App Store and Google Play.

Jet X Membership Testimonials

New York Jets fans have spoken. Whether it’s the young fan who only knows the last decade or the diehard who remembers the Jets at Shea Stadium, a Jets X-Factor subscription appeals to everybody.


New York Jets

Jets X-Factor

About Jets X-Factor

Jets X-Factor is not a fan site. It’s an AP-Style, journalistically responsible organization providing fans the information they need, rather than what they want, to hear.

Jet X is a premium New York Jets membership site (not affiliated with the Jets organization in any official fashion). Rather than settling for casual-fan content that projects little-to-no-football knowledge, Robby Sabo and Michael Nania decided it was time to step it up a bit. Jets fans deserve so much more than the casual content riddled across the web.

Jets X-Factor is a fully-credentialed premium New York Jets membership platform offering fans diehard, football-quality content that spits in the face of casual information.

Robby Sabo

Credentialed Jets writer, film analyst, member of the Pro Football Writers of America, Port Jervis High School (NY) football coach.

Michael Nania

The best analytical/statistical Jets mind in the world, digging into the nuances of the team with depth and detail rivaled by nobody else.

Joe Blewett

The best Jets-centric film junkie in the world, understanding the intricacies of the game better than anybody in the business.

Jet X Membership Features

All Content Unlocked

Not all Jet X articles are behind a paywall, but most are. Any subscription ensures that every article and piece of content on the site is unlocked.

Ad-Free Website Experience

Ads are old news. Why chase readers with quantity? Why chase advertisers with quantity? Why load a site up with ads just to keep the lights on? Jet X Memberships are what literally replace the need for ads.

Ability To Comment

Join the Jet X community and voice your opinion on every column, angle or story.

Audio Version of each Article

A Jet X Membership unlocks the audio version to each Jets X-Factor article, located at the bottom of each article.

Jet X Access

Sabo with the Jets: Full credentialed access to your team, the New York Jets, with Robby Sabo on the scene. Go to training camp, inside the locker room, inside the press box at MetLife Stadium as well as every road trip with Jet X.

Jet X Film Room

Blewett’s Blitz: Joe Blewett’s exclusive New York Jets film study is rivaled by nobody else, getting you familiarized with the strengths and weaknesses of every player on the team down to the tiniest detail.

Get full access to Blewett’s breakdowns, including dozens upon dozens of plays in article form and hour-plus video reviews (often featuring former New York Jets CB Marcus Coleman).

Sabo’s Sessions: Film Room content from Robby Sabo, formerly ESNY Film Room over at Elite Sports NY. The Xs & Os of the Jets offense and defense broken down in a far more nuanced fashion than anyone else in the Jets landscape.

Nania’s All-22: By digging into the tape to contextualize the numbers, Nania brings a complete, all-encompassing blend of film breakdown and statistical analysis that paints an accurate picture of how individual players are faring.

Sidearm Session: Former quarterback Vitor Paiva shines a spotlight on NFL quarterback play.

Back Shoulder Breakdown: Former quarterback James Wighaus digs into quarterback play and much more.

Crnic’s CFB FilmNCAA All-22 footage is extremely hard to find across the internet, but Sam Crnic brings the rare commodity to Jet X with film breakdowns of incoming Jets rookies and future NFL Draft prospects.

Jet X Analytics

Nania’s Numbers: Get the most cutting-edge, up-to-date Jets analytics from Nania. Learn about every player’s true level of performance and future upside through enlightening football data that nobody else is using.

Nania’s QB GradesEach week, Nania grades every play from the Jets’ starting quarterback to formulate a 0-100 score for his performance that puts box scores to shame. Check out the final grade for every performance in Zach Wilson’s career.

Jet X Podcasts

Jet X’s network of podcasts featuring Blewett’s Blitz, Cool Your Jets, Sabo Radio. Underdog Jets with Wayne Chrebet, Oklahoma Drill and Broadway Jets. Get access to exclusive episodes – including film breakdowns with Mike DeVito, Bryce Huff, Thomas Hennessy, Marcus Coleman, Jamaal Westerman, and others – with a Jet X subscription.

Jet X Offseason Simulator

The world’s most complete New York Jets offseason simulator, putting you in Joe Douglas’ shoes.

  • Trade for Russell Wilson, trade away Zach Wilson (if you’re a complete nut), and/or trade up and down in any round of the NFL draft.
  • Cut players.
  • Re-sign your own players.
  • Sign the free agents you think will make the most difference.
  • Run the Jets War Room in the 2022 NFL draft (full mock draft).
  • The Jet X Offseason Simulator will be updated regularly throughout the offseason process, and will also offer special in-season versions.

Jet X Player Profiles

Jet X Player Profiles give you everything you need to know about each Jet in one spot. See advanced analytics, rankings, All-22 clips, and more.

Jet X Mobile App

Jet X iOS and Android Mobile App offering real-time custom notifications.

Jet X Newsletter

Jet X Newsletter is the platform’s newsletter. Gain access to content, site updates, and so much more, straight to your inbox each morning.

Level Price  
Jet X Monthly Trial Free 30-Day Trial Period, Then $4.99/Month | One Use Per Account, No Discount Codes Select
Jet X Yearly $49.99/Year | The Intelligent Jets Fan Savings Plan Select
Jet X Monthly $4.99/Month | The Monthly Plan To Select If Trial Plan Was Already Used Select

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