K'Lavon Chaisson
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LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson showcases the edge skills that ought to tempt edge-hungry New York Jets at No. 11 in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The 2020 version of the NFL Draft is all about the offense. At least that’s how it’s panning out for the New York Jets. With young Sam Darnold entering a critical third professional season, building a wall and surrounding him with weapons is of the utmost importance.

For far too long, the offensive line has been ignored at the offices of Florham Park, NJ. But hey, it’s not as if Gregg Williams’s defense is the 1985 Chicago Bears. There are also massive needs defensively, one of which hasn’t been successfully and fully filled since John Abraham‘s employment a decade and a half ago.

What if LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson is the right choice at No. 11? He’s a pure edge man who can get after the quarterback—something this organization desperately needs.

At the very least, Chaisson’s edge skills ought to tempt the New York Jets at No. 11. Today, Blewett’s Blitz reviews the kid’s tape.

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Chaisson (bottom edge) rushes up the arc and as he closes ground he gets his left hand onto the shoulder of the left tackle. The LT is able to land a strong left punch into Chaisson’s chest and rip him to the ground completely shutting down his rush. Chaisson has no pass rush plan here, as he works no angles and isn’t ready to defeat the hands on the LT.

Chaisson (top edge) rushes up the arc and the right tackle goes to throw his outside hand. Chaisson defeats that outside arm while he gets his right foot tight to the RT and then spins inside. As the spin comes to a close, Chaisson places his left arm/hand onto the RT to push off of. The quarterback gets rid of the ball quickly.

Chaisson (top edge) shuffles down the line of scrimmage (remaining square) as the offensive fakes it to the player in jet motion. Chaisson maintains outside leverage with eyes on the mesh point and sees the QB keep the ball. Chaisson burst upfield, away from both pullers and gets in on the tackle of the QB.

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