Jamal Adams
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The intentions of New York Jets strong safety Jamal Adams are a complete wild card at the moment, yet the most important factor.

The saga continues for Jamal Adams and the New York Jets. Since the trade discussions with the Dallas Cowboys leaked last trade-deadline season, rumors and reports have flown about the best safety in the NFL.

He wants to get paid. The LSU product wants his well-deserved money. Nobody can argue he doesn’t deserve it.

The problem? The Jets shouldn’t be bullied into extending a guy heading into the fourth year of his rookie deal (with two years remaining on the contract). Such a thing rarely happens.

Only 15 of a total 191 first rounders from 2002-2006 have been extended prior to the fourth year of that rookie deal. Patrick Mahomes, a league MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP, is still without an extension heading into his fourth year. Defensive studs such as Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack didn’t receive their deals until after their fourth year in the league.

It honestly all comes down to what Adams desires. Does he truly want to be a Jet or is his heart elsewhere, for instance, Dallas? His desire is what’ll ultimately decide his fate with the organization that drafted him sixth overall in 2017.

Furthermore, his best course of action is to fully commit. Holding out just doesn’t have the impact players wish it would have (i.e. Le’Veon Bell in 2018). What he and the Jets do moving forward—as the 2020 NFL season approaches—will be a big storyline all summer long.

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