Jet X Video, Boomer Esiason

The 1993 New York Jets featured Boomer Esiason, a topsy-turvy season, the NFL on TNT, Phil Simms on the other side and Nobody Beats the Wiz.

Nineteen ninety-three was a much simpler time. Nobody Beats the Wiz was the go-to in New York City electronics, the NFL was seen on TNT and an East Islip, NY boy returned home.

Boomer Esiason’s first season after the Cincinnati Bengals chose young David Klingler featured a topsy-turvy New York Jets campaign. The team started 2-1, lost three straight to move to 2-4, won the next five (sparked by a big win over the New York Giants) to move to 7-4, only to drop four of their last five games to finish 8-8.

Disappointment is one such word that comes to mind, considering the Super Bowl experience added the offseason leading up to the season (Esiason, Ronnie Lott, etc.).

The newest Jet X Video highlights the postgame of a Week 3 victory by Esiason and the Jets. They smashed Bill Parcells, Drew Bledsoe and the rebuilding New England Patriots, 45-7 at Giants Stadium. Not only that, but Phil Simms—the then-active Giants quarterback (his last season in the NFL)—was on hand doing broadcast work for TNT.

Remember, in those days, the Sunday night football game wasn’t anything labeled “can’t miss.” Monday Night Football was the biggie back then, and the roles didn’t reverse until NBC snagged Sunday Night Football many years later.

TNT broadcasted the Sunday night games over the first half of the season while ESPN took the second half. If a World Series game was scheduled for Sunday night, TNT would bring NFL fans a game on Thursday night, with Sunday night left open.

In the following video, take note of Esiason’s media savvy and the oh-so-tight jersey sleeve cutting off the circulation to his hands.

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