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Sam Darnold finds Saquon Barkley and Christian McCaffrey while training, and we rank the New York Jets’ greatest all-time rivals.

Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley—two names that will forever remain linked in football history. The 2018 NFL draft, the 2017 Rose Bowl and now New York football—these guys simply cannot rid themselves of one another.

Hell, why would they? In fact, they welcome each other’s presence, as seen in a recent Instagram video that showcased the New York Jets quarterback hitting the Giants’ workhorse back on a red zone dig.

Working out with other NFL stars and, of course, his boy, quarterback guru Jordan Palmer, Darnold also found Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and found some time to run a route.

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Sabo Radio 44 covers the recent Darnold happenings, the Jets’ most recent move involving their head trainer, and dives into Jets X-Factor’s most recent all-time ranking: the New York Jets’ greatest all-time rivals.

Considering this one does not simply include teams (it includes teams, players, coaches, media members, etc.), the ranking is a tricky one. The candidates are many (the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Don Shula, Dan Marino, O.J. Simpson), but the list is limited.

The kids will immediately shout out Brady, Belichick and the Pats as the greatest rivals in Jets’ history. Folks who have been around for a bit will shout the Dolphins out as the team to beat.

Who is the New York Jets’ greatest all-time rival?

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