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Joe Douglas and the New York Jets would have big problems if they decided to wait out Jamal Adams. It’s not that simple.

It’s just not that simple. As much as fans want to believe holding on to Jamal Adams and waiting him out should work, considering he has two years left on his rookie deal, there are many problems involved.

Joe Douglas has preached building the right culture for the New York Jets since day No. 1. Not every member of the football team will be happy with his contract situation, but once one of them takes things to the public, that message drastically contrasts with the message of “building the best culture in sports.”

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Having to deal with a disgruntled, very public Adams while attempting to build that culture is a tough sell. Adams either has to fall in line and/or Douglas needs to arrange a face-to-face meeting that could help solve the existing issues.

Sabo Radio 46 dives into Adams’s most recent social media actions as well as the tough idea that the Jets can wait out the man over the course of the next year.

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