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Did the Jets find a late bloomer to start at OT in George Fant? | Blewett’s Blitz Film Review

George Fant
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Blewett’s Blitz breaks down the New York Jets’ polarizing free agent pickup and potential starting right tackle, George Fant.

Improving the offensive line was the first priority on the mind of every Jets fan heading into the 2020 offseason. When largely unknown Seahawks tackle George Fant was the team’s first pickup at the position, earning a $27.3M deal despite spending most of his career as a backup, fans were left puzzled.

Blewett’s Blitz is here to uncover the truth. What does Joe Douglas see in Fant? Is Fant the Week 1 starting right tackle? If so, is he actually a good one?

With 53 plays broken down on film, the answers are revealed.

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***Disclaimer: This review starts off pretty ugly with Fant’s 2018 film, but he progressively gets better through each game***

Fant (RT, #74) doesn’t show the cleanest footwork or hands here. Can see Fant get out of his stance with his helmet popping up. Fant gets into his 45 degree set showing good athleticism but you can see on his third step he heel-clicks and opens his stance early (which a good rusher will take advantage of). Fant then shoots his hands high which won’t generate much power.

Even though Fant gets the rusher blocked, this rep still has bad fundamentals that were worth showing.

Seahawks run a crack toss and Fant (RT) is responsible for running the arc. Fant definitely shows some good speed in the open field but you would like to see him have better control here. If Fant can get a hand on the DB, it’s an easy TD for the offense. Fant needs to read the hips of the DB (pointed outside) and take the necessary angle as he knows his RB will most likely be tight to the sideline avoiding any inside pursuit.

One back power, Fant (RT) needs to combo to the “thick” or backside linebacker. Fant takes a drop step with his left to open himself up but comes into the block top-heavy and with bad hand placement. Fant needs to come into the block with a controlled base, hands attacking low to the hip, and with eyes to the LB.

Instead, he is top-heavy, off-balanced, and isn’t able to create as much movement as he could/should while also not being able to get good position on the LB.

Chiefs run an ET (end-tackle) stunt and it gives Fant (RT) a chance to show off some of his lateral athleticism. Fant gets into his pass set but the OLB quickly knifes inside attempting to occupy Fant and the RG. Fant matches the OLB by dropping his post, gets good hand position, and passes him off to the RG. Fant then pushes off of the OLB’s hip with his right hand, while dropping his post and getting out on the looper.

Here we see Fant get “splashed” in the run game as the Seahawks run mid/outside zone from this 10 personnel gun set. Fant shows quickness to get outside but he isn’t in control as his feet are crossing over and his hands aren’t ready for contact as he loads up for the punch. The OLB takes advantage of Fant’s chest being open and attacks him, effectively stacking Fant. Fant never resets his hands or attempts to defeat the OLB’s. Once the RB gets in range the OLB easily sheds Fant and makes the tackle on the RB.

Sack allowed here by Fant on this play action pass. Fant basically has to run block for the 1st half of the rep and then get less aggressive and drop his anchor. Fant shuffles inside but again hands come very wide which allows the DE to completely control Fant. Fant is never able to regain hand position and also gets his left foot stepped on by the RG. Wilson rolls out to the right, the DE sheds Fant, and he picks up the sack.

Seahawks run inside zone out of this 11 personnel gun set. Fant wants to reach the backside 3 tech, covering the play side. Fant’s footwork doesn’t aid him in doing so. Fant takes a “zero” step with his left foot which forces a big step from his right, crossing his feet over to cover ground and loads up into his punch. The 3T “dents the post” as he should and control Fant’s chest, standing him up and making the tackle as the RB cuts upfield.

Decent block for Fant (RT) here as he gets the DE blocked but it still has some major flaws. Fant takes a more aggressive 45 degree set vs the DE who initially stabs inside and then changes his angle outside. Fant ends up opening his gate and reaching for contact, making himself top-heavy. Fant is able to get inside of the DE with his right hand, push the DE off and then match. A good DE would defeat the outside arm of Fant here, leading to Fant being completely off balance.

Another play action pass rep for Fant (RT). I’m ok with Fant’s feet here but his hands still need a ton of work. Here Fant has a drastic load up into his punch, which is a very bad idea. Fant’s hands don’t shoot from the hip and instead lift up from the hip. Fant’s right hand barely clips the left shoulder pad of the DE. The DE controls the chest, pulls Fant down, and gets into the QB’s face.

Fant (RT) vs Chandler Jones. Fant gets into his pass set but doesn’t have enough bend in his knees and is leaning a bit from the waist. Fant opens the gate prematurely during his 3rd/4th steps not framing the rusher well. Fant shoots his hands with good timing showing some length but they land high. Jones is largely unaffected, swipes/forks the hands, and gets inside to get pressure on Wilson.

Seahawks run a tight/belly zone out of another 11 personnel gun set. This run is designed to go to the “backside” so that Fant (RT) is able to block where the 3T wants to go. Fant again crosses his feet in the contact window, loads up into his punch, and even ducks into the block. The 3T controls his chest and Fant attempts to drive with his hands high. The 3T is able to drop his weight, shed, and get in on the tackle of the RB.

Fant (RT) vs Chandler Jones again, with similar results. LG-RT slide right in their gap protection. Jones rushes from a wide 9 tech as Fant gets into his pass set. I like the fake punch from Fant here but it doesn’t do much as it is paired with him opening his hips too early and throwing his hands late as Jones transitions into a power rush. Jones is able to jolt Fant back, defeat the hands, get inside and run Wilson down for the sack.

Seahawks run duo out of single back. Fant takes a drop step with his left as he doesn’t want the 5T DE to penetrate the c-gap. Fant then drops his shoulder into the DE assisting the TE on the down block. Fant scans for the Mike backer and picks him up well, showing some good short-area quickness. Run breaks for a huge gain.

Bad stunt pickup from Fant (RT) here. Fant needs to have a red flag in his head that a stunt/blitz may be coming due to the defense’s alignment.

Fant comes off of the snap committing too much of his body to the 5T. Fant never sees the loose 3T who gets his left hand into Fant. Putting the RG between a rock and a hard place. The RG sticks with the 3T and the DE loops inside for the sack.

This game against Arizona was Fant’s last start in 2018. Things get a lot better from here on out.

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