Ja'Marr Chase
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As a team desperate for elite offensive play-makers, Ja’Marr Chase could be a dream scenario for the New York Jets in the 2021 NFL Draft.

  • Hometown: Metairie, Louisiana
  • High School: Archbishop Rummel High School (Metairie, Louisiana)
  • Position: WR
  • School: LSU
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 208
  • Games Watched on Tape: Florida (10/12/19), Auburn (10/26/19), Alabama (11/9/19), Clemson (1/13/20)


A native of Louisiana, Ja’Marr Chase began his football journey in his hometown of Metairie, where he attended Archbishop Rummel High School. Originally committing to Florida as a 4-star prospect, Chase de-committed after head coach Jim McElwain was fired. Soon after, he decided to stay close to home, committing to LSU.

During his freshmen season at LSU, Chase played all 13 games, in which he started the last five. He finished tied for second on the team in receptions (23) and third in receiving yards (313). In addition, he caught three touchdowns.

Chase’s sophomore season earned him the 2019 Biletnikoff Award; the top wide receiver in the country. He also became the first LSU WR and 11th player in LSU history to be named a Unanimous All-American. With record-breaking stats such as the SEC single-season record for TD receptions (20) and receiving yards (1780), Ja’Marr Chase became the most decorated WR in LSU school history.

Entering 2020, Chase is a consensus top-10 overall prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft and is largely considered the most talented WR in the class. Although it may be hard to top off 2019 in terms of production, Chase will look to again prove why he’s among the top prospects in the country.

College Football Film Quick-Hitters:

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Chase (slot left, jersey #1) runs a simple out to the left sideline where he’s given space with inside leverage from the LB. Off the catch, Ja’Marr does a phenomenal job of breaking three tackles until he’s brought down by the fourth. Even though he could have just went out of bounds to avoid any other defenders, Chase continues to work his way up the field even after eluding the first two defenders. A spectacular display of his toughness and physicality after the catch.

With the corner playing outside leverage, Chase (outside left) starts outside to lure the corner only to stem inside while maintaining a vertical route. By planting his foot and stemming inside, along with his meteoric one-direction speed, Ja’Marr easily creates separation but is underthrown by Burrow. One of the few Burrow missed.

Given space, a simple slant route gives Burrow ample room to reach Chase (outside left) for the touchdown. This is an RPO (run-pass option), where Burrow notices the LBs playing the run, in which he makes the right decision to throw it to Ja’Marr. Although Chase has strong hands, he makes sure to cradle the ball to his body after snatching it, ensuring no defender has any chance of ripping the ball out.

Noticing the outside leverage of the cover-3 corner, Chase (outside right) attacks upfield and then cuts to the outside with precision, where Burrow finds him with perfect timing and rhythm. As the DB attempts to make the tackle, Ja’Marr stops on a dime and jukes left, leaving his defender in the dirt. Chase stays along the sideline until he’s pushed out. An angry runner to say the least.

Chase (slot left) sees the LB playing inside technique and uses this to his advantage as he starts out angled outside. Luring both the LB and FS to the left side, Ja’Marr cuts right along the middle of the field, which gives Burrow a clear window to hit his man. Chase displays strong spacial awareness, as he knows exactly how many yards he needs for the first down.

Chase (outside left) starts in and continues enough for the DB to bite, only to cut back outside to give Burrow an easy throw for the first down. While cutting back out, Chase employs an extremely low center of gravity and contorts his body so his chest is ahead of his knees. Ideal footwork, as Ja’Marr changes direction with a simple 3-step break, allowing him to plant his left foot to load power back into his hips.

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