Jamal Adams
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The Jamal Adams saga is finally over.

In exchange for Adams, the Jets will be getting two first-round picks (2021 and 2022) and a third-round pick (2021) from Seattle in addition to strong safety Bradley McDougald, a key addition considering the lack of a strong safety on the roster beyond Adams.

It’s a fantastic haul for the Jets, one worthy of parting with the best safety in football. The timing is key, as they can move into training camp without a dark cloud hanging over the team.

Avoiding the fiasco entirely and getting Adams extended long-term was the best-case scenario, but this outcome is about the best realistic escape route to what actually transpired.

Le’Veon Bell shared his thoughts on the trade.

What are your thoughts on the return package for Adams?

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3 years ago

To me it’s becoming clear that Joe Douglas is becoming a consequential figure in Jets history, the likes of what Bill Parcells was. I see that amount of change coming, that kind of evolution of the roster, as well as the way the team is looked at externally.

To have patience and wait until he got a package like this one is what separates the great GM’s from also-rans. When you look at it, it’s one of the best trade packages in the history of the NFL!

You’d have to go back to the early days of the game to top it, the Herschel Walker trade. It’s better than what Raiders got for Khalil Mack or what Chicago got for Cutler but it’s for a SAFETY, for Chris’sake, not a generational pass rusher or QB! A disgruntled safety at that, a guy who was fast becoming a cancer on the team.

Kudos to Joe Douglas! A great day for Jets fans! We can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

3 years ago

Why wait the value was there. JA successfully shot his way out of town good luck, it was getting toxic Douglas showed patience, but pulled the trigger when the deal was there.Believe late first round picks are overrated, but I like the ancillary part of the deal in the third round pick and McDougle. It’s fair compensation not a landslide. Hoping to use draft capital in a trade. Seattle third and Giants fifth for Yannick is the blockbuster. 5th for Robert Woods of the Rams. . Very thankful for Joe Douglas

3 years ago
Reply to  JetOrange

Two additional thoughts. If your going to pay huge money would you rather pay a Safety or an Edge Rusher ? Please give Gregg Williams some bullets trade for Yannick. JA ‘s performance in Seattle May indicate the genius of Gregg Williams

3 years ago

That’s tough. Two first round picks from Seattle (8 playoff appearances in last 10 years) for someone who was a 6th overall draft pick and exceeded his draft value.

But this is the situation Adams put the team in and not sure they could have got more value for him.

Hard to know how they could have kept him on board without things escalating after the Mehta interview.

Robby Sabo
3 years ago
Reply to  tms211

Much better that it’s two first in consecutive years. Better odds of a better pick in one of the two.