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ESPN Bet Promo Code: Bet $1, Get $250 Bonus – NFL Week 11

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ESPN Bet Promo Code

💰 LAUNCHING NOV. 14, 2023
🚨 ESPN Bet Promo Code Launch👍 JETSX
📅 Date Promo Status Last VerifiedNovember 30, 2023
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🔎 Verified/Fact-Checked ByRobby Sabo

The best ESPN Bet Promo Code is now live in the Online Sports Betting world, as of Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023. A Sportsbook Bonus this anticipated will never sneak under the radar in a humble or oh-so-quiet fashion, and it hasn’t thus far.

Courtesy of X-Factor’s ESPN Bet Promo Code JETSX, new ESPN Bet App users capitalize on a Bet Anything ($1), Get $250 Instant Bonus. The bonus applies to any game, any sport, which means the entire NFL Week 11 schedule is in play—including the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills meeting in Orchard Park, NY.

Much like like authoritativeness of an old-school “Big Show” SportsCenter hosted by Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, or one of Stuart Scott’s buttery catchphrases, ESPN Bet Sportsbook will simply be incapable of launching through the backdoor.

ESPN’s resources are so dominant that, no matter the situation, the company’s reach is overwhelming to the point of embarrassment, thus producing an eventual sportsbook launch fit to match Super Bowl pomp and circumstance. And that’s just one of the many reasons why ESPN and PENN Entertainment came together to create ESPN Bet, which launched on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

The ESPN Bet Promo Code immediately became one of the best Promo Codes in the universe—right in the thick of the NFL betting season.

Naturally, the ESPN Bet Bonus Code is already the best Sportsbook Promo Code on the market today.

ESPN Bet Logo


BET $1, GET $250 BONUS


21+. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Please wager responsibly.

Now that we know PENN Entertainment’s plan was to pivot away from Barstool Sportsbook and rebrand to ESPN Bet, early details of what sports bettors can expect from ESPN Bet are trickling to light.

For instance, ESPN Bet has launched in the 17 states PENN Entertainment currently holds licenses—the 17 states in which Barstool Sportsbook was live and legal.

As mentioned above, we also already know that the ESPN Bet Bonus Code currently results in an incredible Bet $1, Get $250 Guaranteed Bonus.

Check out the following table for more details on the next big online sportsbook, ESPN Bet:

ESPN Bet Logo📲 ESPN Bet Sportsbook
💰 ESPN Bet Promo Code Offer👉 Bet Anything ($1), Get $250 Instant Bonus
🚨 ESPN Bet Promo Code👍 JETSX
🏧 Minimum Deposit$10
❌ Minimum Betting Age21
➡️ Sportsbook PlatformsiOS (Apple App Store), Android (Google Play), Web Browser
📛 Mobile App Listed AsESPN Bet
❗️ Mobile App SellerESPN Bet
🇺🇸 Mobile Betting StatesAZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV
🎰 Retail-Only Betting StatesTBD
📅 Date Promo Last VerifiedNovember 30, 2023
✅ Promo Provided ByX-Factor Promo Codes
🔎 Verified/Fact-Checked ByRobby Sabo
🗽 FanDuel NY Promo Code OfferN/A
🗽 NY Retail PartnerN/A
🗽 NY Launch DateN/A

ESPN Bet Promo Code Launch Details

The ESPN Bet Promo Code resulting in a Bet $1, Get $250 Instant Bonus is now live

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, the ESPN Bet Sportsbook App officially launched in 17 states.

Better yet, X-Factor’s ESPN Bet Promo Code resulting in a Bet Anything ($1), Get $250 Instant Bonus is just ready for online sports bettors to activate.

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, launch date announced for the ESPN Bet Promo Code

Early November brought more ESPN Bet news, as a PENN Entertainment press release announced the official ESPN Bet Promo Code launch date: Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

This means the ESPN Bet App and everything that goes with it will unveil itself prior to the NFL Thanksgiving Tripleheader that has the entire country betting on football.

The Nov. 9, 2023 preview at the ESPN Edge Conference

Interestingly, per an ESPN press release, the highly anticipated ESPN Bet App will be previewed at the ESPN Edge Conference in New York City on Nov. 9, 2023.

“There will also be a preview of the upcoming ESPN BET launch, in addition to other key players in sports, technology, and business taking the stage,” the press release reads.

Therefore, it’s expected that the ESPN Bet App and ESPN Bet Promo Code are targeted to launch in mid-November 2023, perhaps prior to NFL Week 13—and most definitely prior to the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day tripleheader.

Those interested in watching the live stream of the Edge Conference and ESPN Bet preview can easily do so.

The August 2023 announcement

On a mundane Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2023, a press release hit the media world that shook everything up in a way that featured no return.

Both ESPN and PENN dropped press releases announcing the creation of ESPN Bet.

On the ESPN side, the announcement lays out a plan to launch ESPN Bet in the Fall of 2023—which means incredibly soon. In fact, the more specific target date is late November, right around Thanksgiving 2023.

“ESPN today announced an agreement with PENN Entertainment to launch ESPN BET, a branded sportsbook for fans in the United States,” the press release reads. “PENN Entertainment will rebrand its current sportsbook and relaunch as ESPN BET, effective this Fall in the 16 legalized betting states where PENN Entertainment is licensed. The rebrand includes the mobile app, website, and mobile website.”

ESPN also drove the point home that it does not intend on forgetting about its core customers while attempting to move the needle in the sports betting world.

“In concert with PENN Entertainment’s comprehensive responsible gaming programming, ESPN will use its platforms to educate sports fans on responsible gaming, including but not limited to:

  • Continuing ESPN’s high standard of journalistic integrity when covering the sports betting space.
  • Developing an ESPN committee of responsible gaming, representative of a diverse cross-section of the business, to regularly review compliance, programming, and policies.
  • Implementing responsible marketing policies and guidelines to safeguard fans.
  • Working with industry experts on best practices and continual review of responsible gaming programming.”

The PENN Entertainment side of the coin is all about a historic pivot.

Buying 36% of Barstool Sports back in early 2020, Barstool Sportsbook was born—with PENN Entertainment serving as the sports betting license holder.

Three years later, the plan simply has not worked. Barstool founder Dave Portnoy bought back the business, in full, and has admitted that trying to survive in a regulated market such as online sports betting is probably not the best place for Barstool.

Therefore, what was once Barstool Sportsbook now becomes ESPN Bet, with 16 states ready to be infiltrated with the new branding.

ESPN Bet Legal and Available Launch States

ESPN Bet launched in 17 states immediately—the very same states where PENN Entertainment still holds a sports betting license.

Here are the 17 states in which ESPN Bet and the ESPN Bet Promo Code are now live and legal:

  1. ESPN Bet Promo Code Arizona
  2. ESPN Bet Promo Code Colorado
  3. ESPN Bet Promo Code Illinois
  4. ESPN Bet Promo Code Indiana
  5. ESPN Bet Promo Code Iowa
  6. ESPN Bet Promo Code Kansas
  7. ESPN Bet Promo Code Kentucky
  8. ESPN Bet Promo Code Louisiana
  9. ESPN Bet Promo Code Maryland
  10. ESPN Bet Promo Code Massachusetts
  11. ESPN Bet Promo Code Michigan
  12. ESPN Bet Promo Code New Jersey
  13. ESPN Bet Promo Code Ohio
  14. ESPN Bet Promo Code Pennsylvania
  15. ESPN Bet Promo Code Tennessee
  16. ESPN Bet Promo Code Virginia
  17. ESPN Bet Promo Code West Virginia

The table below breaks down all 50 states, displaying which 17 now have ESPN Bet Sportsbook legal and available:

ESPN Bet LogoESPN Bet Launch States
🇺🇸 Alabama❌ No
🇺🇸 Alaska❌ No
🇺🇸 Arizona✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Arkansas❌ No
🇺🇸 California❌ No
🇺🇸 Colorado✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Connecticut❌ No
🇺🇸 Delaware❌ No
🇺🇸 Florida❌ No
🇺🇸 Georgia❌ No
🇺🇸 Hawaii❌ No
🇺🇸 Idaho❌ No
🇺🇸 Illinois✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Indiana✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Iowa✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Kansas✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Kentucky✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Louisiana✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Maine❌ No
🇺🇸 Maryland✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Massachusetts✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Michigan✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Minnesota❌ No
🇺🇸 Mississippi❌ No
🇺🇸 Missouri❌ No
🇺🇸 Montana❌ No
🇺🇸 Nebraska❌ No
🇺🇸 Nevada❌ No
🇺🇸 New Hampshire❌ No
🇺🇸 New Jersey✅ Yes
🇺🇸 New Mexico❌ No
🗽 New York❌ No
🇺🇸 North Carolina❌ No
🇺🇸 North Dakota❌ No
🇺🇸 Ohio✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Oklahoma❌ No
🇺🇸 Oregon❌ No
🇺🇸 Pennsylvania✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Rhode Island❌ No
🇺🇸 South Carolina❌ No
🇺🇸 South Dakota❌ No
🇺🇸 Tennessee✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Texas❌ No
🇺🇸 Utah❌ No
🇺🇸 Vermont❌ No
🇺🇸 Virginia✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Washington❌ No
🇺🇸 West Virginia✅ Yes
🇺🇸 Wisconsin❌ No
🇺🇸 Wyoming❌ No

ESPN Bet Kentucky Sportsbook

The wild card here was Kentucky. With Kentucky Online Sports Betting now live (as of Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023), ESPN Bet will also have Kentucky as an option—considering Barstool Sportsbook was set to enter the Bluegrass State betting market.

It’s safe to include Kentucky as ESPN Bet’s 17th live state when the time comes.

ESPN Bet NY Sportsbook

The other interesting sports betting state in this mix is one X-Factor Betting holds close to the heart.

PENN Entertainment does not have a New York Sports Betting license. New York decided to only let DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, and BetRivers through that legal sportsbook door upon launch. And although several more sports betting apps have joined the party, PENN and Barstool Sportsbook were unable to get an invite.

Now that Portnoy and Barstool are out of the mix—an admitted hurdle as it related to regulators—PENN and, subsequently, ESPN Bet, could find an open door en route to the New York sports betting market.

ESPN Bet Mobile App Review

It’s not yet known how exactly the ESPN Bet App should be viewed—as not enough time has passed to give it an official review.

We do know that the ESPN Bet name should lead the way—with help from PENN Entertainment along the way. It’s also safe to assume that the ESPN Bet Sportsbook App will also be available on both the iOS Apple App Store and Android Google Play.

Other than that, only time will tell on the ESPN Bet Mobile App front.

Why ESPN Bet Is Legit and Trusted

This may be the easiest thing to answer. Of course, ESPN Bet will be legit and trusted by all.

Gone are the days of dark back-alleys and tough-guy bookies who are looking to break kneecaps. Today, with laws and regulations, online sports betting has reached a state where incremental industries have been born.

Look at DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook, for instance. When these two mega-operators commenced their business over a decade ago, nobody even knew what Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) was.

Skepticism and raised eyebrows rules the roost, yet both DraftKings and FanDuel trucked forward with ambition that clearly outmatched the competition.

It led to a brand-new market in DFS, as well as sports betting opportunity once New Jersey led the way in getting the Supreme Court to strike down PASPA (the law that formerly prohibited online sports betting federally) in 2018.

Now, the likes of FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars are wholly legit and completely trusted. Thanks to ESPN’s respectable history and absurd resources, ESPN Bet Sportsbook should join the list of legitimate and trusted sports betting apps in the world.

ESPN Bet History

The world changed forever on Sept. 7, 1979—even if nobody quite knew it yet. This marks the day when ESPN officially put out its first broadcast.

Founded in 1978 by father and son—Bill Rasmussen and Scott Rasmussen—ESPN’s humble beginnings are inarguable. Broadcasting off-the-beat-and-path sports that drew little-to-no interest, ESPN didn’t really get going until they hopped on the Big East college basketball train.

Long story short, thanks in large part to SportsCenter, ESPN took advantage of online capabilities en route to enjoying its monster status in the sports world.

From the NFL to the NBA, MLB to the NHL, golf to tennis, ESPN covers it all from every angle (professional, collegiate, amateur, etc.). When considering the actual reach ESPN owns, the possibilities are limitless when thinking about how ESPN Bet Sportsbook can be integrated.

When the fact that 80% of ESPN is owned by ABC, Inc. (an indirect subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company) and 20% by Hearst, the potential for online sportsbook growth and success is mind-boggling.

Sportsbook Promo Code News

ESPN Bet Promo Code FAQ

When Did the ESPN Bet Promo Code and Sportsbook Launch in the U.S.?

Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023: Per a press release, ESPN Bet Sportsbook will launch in Fall of 2023, as announced by ESPN and new partner PENN Entertainment. The current target date moved to Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, which finally came to fruition on this date, when ESPN Bet and the ESPN Bet Promo Code are officially live.

In Which States is the ESPN Bet Promo Code Live and Available?

Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia: On Nov. 14, 2023, ESPN Bet and the ESPN Bet Promo Code launched in the states Barstool Sportsbook formerly operated. Since PENN Entertainment still has sports betting licenses in these states, the PENN rebrand will shift from Barstool Sportsbook to ESPN Bet.

What Will Happen to Barstool Sportsbook?

Extinction, most likely: In spite of Dave Portnoy's announcement that he did buy back all of his shares from PENN Entertainment (for $0), what happens to Barstool Sportsbook has yet to be determined. Considering there's most likely a non-compete involved, and any future sale of Barstool Sports sends 50% of the revenue in PENN's direction, it's a safe bet that Barstool Sportsbook will go extinct.

Can ESPN Bet Compete with FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook?

Eventually, yes (most likely): While it's true, that FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook are the two clear winners of the online sports betting world right now, ESPN's resources provide ESPN Bet with a phenomenal opportunity to eventually compete at the very top of the online sportsbook market. Remember, a monster such as ESPN entering a new market can have an impact so dramatic that it shifts the landscape in an unrecognizable way. If that happens, ESPN Bet has every chance to compete with the likes of DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook.

What Will the Best ESPN Bet Promo Code Be?

Bet Anything ($1), Get $250 Instant Bonus: The very best ESPN Bet Promo Code is X-Factor's JETSX, which grants new users a Bet Anything ($1), Get $250 Instant Bonus. Simply use one of X-Factor's offer links, create a new account, make an initial $10 minimum deposit, and place a minimum $1 first-time bet on anything. Once that first-time bet registers, your new ESPN Bet Sportsbook account is met with a guaranteed $250 Instant Bonus (Win or Lose).

How Much Did it Cost PENN Entertainment to Partner with ESPN?

Around $2 billion: Per PENN's press release, ESPN is set to receive $1.5 billion over the first 10 years of the agreement.

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