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New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas speaks to the media on Monday, flat-out denying he promised Jamal Adams an extension.

Finally, Joe Douglas has spoken.

After months of silence, while Jamal Adams tweeted this and said that, the New York Jets general manager hopped on a conference call with the media to break down the organization’s recent developments.

Most notably, Douglas flat-out denied promising Adams any contract extension offer this past offseason.

“I never promised an offer to Jamal (Adams) or his agent. I was never dishonest or ambiguous with their camp.

“I feel like our communication was very clear from the very beginning,” Douglas stated.

Following a familiar pattern of what seems to be forthright intentions, Douglas admitted that trading Adams was not the plan upon his arrival last year.

“It certainly wasn’t the plan when I first arrived here,” Douglas said.

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Surprisingly, he also mentioned that anything Adams said over the last few months had no impact on the decision to send him to the Great Northwest—which is as classy and smart a move as humanly possible.

On Sabo Radio 54, we break down everything said on the conference call. We also break down the actual trade that sent Adams to the Seattle Seahawks. In all, it was a masterful job by Douglas and the Jets. The return for Adams is more on paper than the return the Oakland Raiders received for Khalil Mack, the NFL’s most-dominant edge rusher at the time of the deal.

We also discuss the possibility of Jadeveon Clowney in a Jets uniform. After all, it was the new guy, safety Bradley McDougald, who could not help but start his recruiting career in New Jersey.

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