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New York Jets linebacker Avery Williamson speaks to the media and we explain C.J. Mosley‘s contract after his opt-out decision.

Avery Williamson finally speaks. The man returning from a year off due to injury (and whose presence is magnified thanks to the C.J. Mosley opt-out) spoke to the media on Wednesday via Zoom.

Among the topics was his willingness to play either linebacker spot (MIKE or WILL) and his thoughts on last season’s devastating injury. He mentioned how head coach Adam Gase has repeatedly relayed his sorrow about the injury.

Early last year, when the injury happened, Gase immediately put it on his own shoulders. He blamed himself and said as such in the media. Williamson made it clear just how much he appreciated his head coach’s sentiments and communication.

Elsewhere, Sam Darnold finds Le’Veon Bell in practice on a go-route, the first episode of One Jets Drive is released, and we break down Mosley’s contract after the opt-out decision.

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As great as the extra cap room looks in 2020 and 2021, Mosley’s opt-out is a contractual killer for the Jets moving forward. There’s no question Joe Douglas wanted to rip through that deal as quickly as possible, and now, the Jets have no choice but to hope Mosley comes back himself after two years away from the game.

Thanks to the opt-out rules per contract, everything is pushed back a full year. The earliest the Jets can cut Mosley is after the 2021 season (they would save $5 million that year and a lot more the following two seasons).

The odds are stacked against any man who takes two years off from football, no less a 29-year-old linebacker who relies on sideline-to-sideline speed.

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