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After their loss to the Denver Broncos, it’s become apparent the New York Jets need to blow it up the right way.

Attention New York Jets: blow it up.

The only logical conclusion one can draw from the team’s 37-28 loss to the winless Denver Broncos, with young Brett Rypien making his first career start, is that the organization needs to officially blow it up. Of course, it must be done the right way.

For far too long, since the Ruthian days of Mike Tannenbaum and Eric Mangini, the Jets have taken the quick fix route. Whether it was Mike Maccagnan’s aggressive rebuild in 2015 or Rex Ryan’s barely hanging on years of 2012-2014, the Jets’ strange acquisition of free agents has led to half-assed team-building efforts.

Finally, a Jets general manager is taking the right approach. While Joe Douglas isn’t completely blameless in this current mess, his value-driven approach is the start of a correct team-building effort.

It’s time Christopher Johnson hand the keys to G.M. Joe.

Not since Bill Parcells (pre-Woody Johnson) have the Jets allowed one man to run the show. The general manager and head coach are set up to both report to ownership. This creates backchannels and sticky business.

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The same can be said for Adam Gase and Gregg Williams, who are essentially co-head coaches. Gase is the offensive play-caller and has little to do with the defense, while Williams is, of course, the defensive play-caller. There is no one clear vision.

So many questions exist:

  • Is Douglas beholden to Gase in any way?
  • Was Gregg Williams a stipulation Gase had to accept when accepting the job?
  • Does Douglas believe in Sam Darnold as a quarterback?
  • Is Darnold the real deal?

A decade of poor drafting is the main issue here. Once Mangini exited the building, so did the Jets’ drafting success. But drafting success is also dependent on a clear hierarchy.

If Joe Douglas is Christopher Johnson’s guy, he needs the keys to the castle to do what he thinks is correct. It’s that simple.

All of that and more is discussed on Sabo Radio 64, while topics such as Trevor Lawrence will soon be discussed at Jet X.

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You trust JD enough to give him the keys to the kingdom? His record so far as Jets GM has been spotty…