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Entertaining the idea of an in-season Sam Darnold trade | Sabo Radio 67

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A New York Jets’ in-season Sam Darnold trade is now something everybody needs to think about prior to the trade deadline.

It’s officially time for New York Jets fans to think about the possibility of a Sam Darnold trade. And no, we’re not talking about an offseason trade when Trevor Lawrence is already in the bag.

A team that makes total sense for Darnold’s services: the Dallas Cowboys.

At 2-4 and atop the NFC East, Jerry Jones has been known to display impatience from time to time. He simply won’t want to punt the 2020 season despite the challenges this year has introduced to all 32 clubs.

Without Dak Prescott and with a struggling Andy Dalton, catching lightning in a bottle in the form of Darnold is an idea worth investigating.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell recently wrote a column highlighting possible NFL trades pre-deadline. One of his mock deals featured Darnold heading to the Indianapolis Colts for a second and third-round pick. Darnold’s production is, of course, not worthy of that package, but the idea that the kid has been held back due to various ills in his professional life is one that could fetch Joe Douglas more than market value.

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It’s risky business, trading a No. 3 overall quarterback before the next guy is in the bag, but sometimes organizations need to take that plunge. Emmitt Smith wasn’t drafted until after the Cowboys sent Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for a package that helped them build three Super Bowl winners. (Remember, the running back’s importance was much more significant in 1989.)

Elsewhere, we discuss how Matt Rhule highlighted the Jets’ single-biggest issue, as a franchise, with one comment in January 2019, and we quickly review the team’s 24-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins last Sunday.

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verge tibbs
3 years ago

Dont you wish more in depth behind the scenes stories would come out? Like that entire macc bowles to macc gase to jd scenario could be an intriguing movie if we could see what really went down. I say that to say i wonder what maccs true motive was in demanding control over the incoming hc’s choice of coordinators. Was he pissed about how bowles was liyal beyond fault in keeping kc rogers around? That would actually be an explanation. Not a good one. Or was it cj sticking his paws where they dont belong and making these stupid demands of the hc candidates.

Anyway .. thats funny, i started thinking darnold to dallas once i saw that Top Gun lookin dude dalton stumbling around. It would certainly take balls by jd. And jd would likely stand pat until he gets what he wants. Unlike macc who used to fold like 80s beach chairs. I would think gase is in on the tank if that happens. Which would be good cause theyd go 0-16. But my concern remains that gase comes back next season. I could hear him scheming already. “Darnolds just not the guy, but lawrence, hes perfect for my offense.”