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New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas delivered a perfect midseason state of the union when he met with the media earlier this week.

It couldn’t have been anything the man was looking forward to. Nonetheless, he stepped up to the virtual (Zoom) podium and delivered the perfect address.

New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas delivered as flawless a midseason state of the union as humanly possible this past Tuesday. (Well, it was as perfect as could be for an 0-8 football team.)

The winless Jets—led by Adam Gase—head into Week 9’s matchup with the also-struggling New England Patriots without much to look forward to. Sam Darnold is struggling, the head coach is public enemy No. 1 and the fans are out for blood.

Considering all of those factors, what Douglas did on Tuesday makes total sense.

Did you actually expect the man to throw his head coach under the bus while both are still employed? Forget the fact that he wouldn’t throw him under the bus after he’s long gone; no NFL general manager will get very far by shifting blame elsewhere.

The fact Douglas shouldered the blame—including the Robby Anderson miss—is something incredibly noteworthy. Leaders are expected to shoulder the blame (even when he or she may be blameless).

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Additionally, we review how Andy Reid‘s Kansas City Chiefs offense used deception to destroy Gregg Williams’s defense last Sunday, and we go over the injury report leading into Monday Night Football. Whether or not Sam Darnold suits up remains in question.

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