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New York Jets fan therapy is now officially in session, courtesy of a stunning 23-20 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

Look, we get it. The devastation felt by New York Jets fans this past Sunday is understandable. The drop-off between Trevor Lawrence and the rest of the pack is severe, and now that the Jets have put one up in the win column, the Jacksonville Jaguars control the tank race.

The Jets could have just allowed young Lawrence to slip away—a generational quarterback talent that comes once in a blue moon.

For that, Jets fan therapy is needed immediately. In fact, therapists in the New York/New Jersey area should immediately break-off into a new sub-division called “Jet fan therapy.” It’s a business model just aching to be realized.

Rich Eisen, the long-time and diehard Jets fan, would probably agree.

Unfortunately, Dr. Melfi isn’t saving you on this day. No fictional character can.

Where the therapy starts is simple: your Jets are still in tremendous shape moving forward. Joe Douglas just put together the organization’s best draft since the Eric Mangini days, the team is loaded with draft assets and salary-cap space, and, best yet, Lawrence isn’t totally out of reach just yet.

The Jets’ insistence on winning in spite of its negatives could appeal to a kid like Lawrence. Obviously, it’s unlikely that he pulls any sort of power-play on draft day, but if he did, he’d certainly avoid a football team that plays multiple home game in London in favor of a franchise with a mountain of a left tackle and a guy leading the way who understands the game (Douglas is a former offensive lineman).

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The mainstream media should at least broach the topic, just as they did when the Jets had the top pick.

Anyway, it’s officially therapy time on Sabo Radio, as we cover the Jets win in Los Angeles and everything Trevor Lawrence-related.


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