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Regarding what it takes to be a great head coach, what can the New York Jets learn from Adam Gase’s atrocious two-year tenure at the helm?

After 724 days in charge of the New York Jets, a span that featured only nine victories (including just one in the first half of a season), Adam Gase‘s key to the Jets’ facility will officially no longer get him through the front door.

Gase’s ouster means it is time for Joe Douglas to lead his first head coaching search as a general manager. What can Douglas and the Jets learn from Gase’s tenure that can serve as valuable advice while they search for their next head coach?

It goes without saying that Gase leaves the Jets with a bevy of tips regarding what not to look for in a new head coach. While Gase offered somewhat interesting potential as an offensive play-caller, he left a lot to be desired in almost every other key aspect of the head coaching position.

The Jets need to make sure their next head coach has all of the desired traits that Gase did not.

What exactly are these traits? Which particular skills and abilities does the next head coach of the New York Jets need to have?

On the newest episode of Cool Your Jets, Ben Blessington and Michael Nania each break down the top three things that they learned from Gase’s tenure regarding what matters most at the head coach spot.

***Warning: NSFW language used in limited spots. 


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