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Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is in the HC mix thanks to his development of Josh Allen. Would he make sense for the Jets?

Maybe the greatest three-year development arc by a quarterback in NFL history? That title could belong to Josh Allen.

Owner of a sub-60 completion percentage even before entering the NFL – and doing it against relatively weak competition at Wyoming – the numbers never loved Allen’s odds of success. He even had a sub-60 completion percentage in high school! However, the kid’s raw physical gifts were always there, giving him an unimaginable ceiling. It just did not seem likely that he would ever hit it.

The Bills took a chance on that upside in 2018, betting that, with time, they could help Allen develop his game to the point where he could fulfill the potential created by his pure talent.

Fast forward to 2021, and Allen has smashed straight through any ceiling that could have ever been projected for him. The man who was the league’s least accurate passer as a rookie has blossomed into a superstar, ranking third in QBR (81.7) in 2020 behind only Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers.

Perhaps the top mastermind behind fostering that development from Allen has been Buffalo’s offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll. The 45-year-old spent two years as the Jets’ quarterbacks coach from 2007-08, and now is in the mix to become the next head coach of his former team.

Who is Daboll beyond his development of Allen? Does he have the ability to lead an entire locker room? Can he be involved in all three phases, not just the offense? Is he cut out for the New York market?

To learn about the entirety of Daboll’s head coaching resume, Ben Blessington and Michael Nania welcomed Bills film junkie Greg Tompsett onto the Cool Your Jets podcast. Based on what Greg had to say, Daboll just may be one of the absolute best head coaching options on the market.

***Warning: NSFW language used in limited spots. 

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