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Matt Campbell is considered by many to be the New York Jets’ best head coaching option. How likely is it that he leaves Iowa State?

Taking a downtrodden Iowa State football program and turning it into a respected contender in the Big 12, Cyclones head coach Matt Campbell has emerged as one of the best culture-changers, leaders, and overall program-builders in the sport.

Campbell’s work in Ames has landed him on the radars of NFL teams. In particular, Jets fans have been buzzing about Campbell for months, long considering him as perhaps the best option to become the team’s next head coach. The anti-Adam Gase, Campbell’s CEO-style of team management seems to be exactly what the fledgling Jets need.

We have yet to hear any official reports of NFL teams bringing in Campbell for an interview, but considering that he is coming from the NCAA and not the NFL, we are less likely to hear any rumblings about interest in him. Why? Reports of Campbell – or any college coach – taking interviews in the NFL could be highly detrimental to the recruiting process of that program, so the whereabouts of those coaches are held closer to the vest by league insiders.

Is the Campbell hype warranted? Will his leadership style translate to the NFL? What are the odds that he actually does bail on Iowa State for an NFL job?

To get a complete breakdown of perhaps the most-discussed Jets head coaching candidate of all, Ben Blessington and Michael Nania spoke to Iowa State football expert Jared Stansbury of Cyclone Fanatic, who analyzed Campbell’s leadership style, his offensive philosophies, the potential question marks of him making a transition to the NFL, and the chances that he leaves the Cyclones.

***Warning: NSFW language used in limited spots. 

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