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Sabo Radio recaps the dreadful Super Bowl, gets into the Tom Brady G.O.A.T. discussion and analyzes the New York Jets No. 2 choice.

Tom Brady is the greatest of all-time and that’s all there is to it. Anybody who would dare question that distinction risks their own perceived sanity. Others who hear any dissension will automatically dismiss any form of engagement on the topic.

With seven Super Bowl rings, it’s tough to claim Brady isn’t the G.O.A.T. That’s not the topic at hand here. Instead, it’s about examining it a bit further than simply counting the championships—an idea that’s reached epic and harmful proportions in today’s sports media landscape.

For instance, while Brady might currently rank second in all-time yards (a record he’ll surely take over next year with Drew Brees retired), Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas both outperformed Brady in that particular category.

In spite of the fact Montana and Unitas both have just a little over 40,000 total yards (as opposed to Brady’s near-80,000), the two old-school guys outperformed their era to a higher degree than Brady has.

Brady’s per-game started average is 264.8 yards which is 40.7 yards above the 2001-2020 league average of 223.1. Montana’s 247.2 per-game started average is 50.8 yards above the 1979-1994 league average of 196.4. And Unitas’s 217.5 mark is 51.9 yards above the 1956-1973 league average of 165.6.

The same pattern can be found in the other major quarterback statistics such as touchdowns, as it’s never about the sheer numbers. Instead, it comes down to recognizing just how drastic a change we’ve witnessed over the last decade and a half.

Like usual, however, fans and sports media have taken it too far. Brady’s quarterback G.O.A.T. status shouldn’t automatically call for claims that he’s now the greatest winner in the history of team sports. A guy by the name of Bill Russell, a man who captured 11 titles, would have something to say about that.

Brady’s G.O.A.T. status aside, Super Bowl 55 was a bore-fest. By the time the first quarter neared its end, it was evident that the Kansas City Chiefs were in for a rough one. When an offensive line cannot block a conventional four-man rush, trouble is ahead.

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All Todd Bowles had to do was play 2-deep on every play and not blitz. The absurd penalty distribution and timing took care of the rest.

We also dive into how the New York Jets should attack the No. 2 overall pick and get into some of the other local teams’ news. The Trevor Bauer-New York Mets madness is something that sports agents will build off of moving forward, while the Derrick Rose trade has most New York Knicks fans scratching their heads.

All of that and more is on Sabo Radio 78.

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I still have at least 5 QB’s, minimum, historically that I would if I were starting a team tomorrow. He is NOT the GOAT to me. Similarly, Emmet Smith is not the best RB of all time either. Would you pick him over a young Barry Sanders, Gail Sayers, (I can go on). Certainly not! Ok haters, have at it!


I like to go with people who changed the game. Montana is #1. If you go by SB wins as your qualifier, (which obviously I have a broader scope) he is batting 1.000. He also implemented the West Coast offense with Bill Walsh, nobody was doing it, at least not at that level and totally, until them. 2nd I have to go with Peyton Manning. The guy averaged 12 wins a game (or so) with the Colts for a dozen years. Take him off that team they go 1-15. Then, he goes to a team that is running a Tebo… Read more »