EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 08: Linebacker C.J. Mosley #57 of the New York Jets sin action against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium on September 8, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images)

New York Jets middle linebacker C.J. Mosley recently used Robert Saleh’s “All Gas, No Brake” mantra at 1 Jets Drive.

Robby Sabo

New York Jets middle linebacker C.J. Mosley is suddenly all about the gas after putting the brakes on his 2020 season.

Mosley, 28, used Robert Saleh’s “All Gas, No Brake” mantra Thursday morning in an Instagram story that featured somebody (presumably Mosley) driving on 1 Jets Drive while heading towards the Atlantic Health Training Center in Florham Park, NJ.

C.J. Mosley

(Yes, Mosley technically used “All Gas, No Brakes,” which contrasts with Saleh’s “All Gas, No Brake,” but it’s a negligible factor at this point.)

The snowy backdrop certainly matches what the New Jersey/New York area experienced on this particular morning, which leads many to believe Mosley is in town.

The Jets projected MIKE in Jeff Ulbrich‘s defense is expected to return to the field after nearly two full seasons away from the game.

Mosley’s first season after signing a massive free-agent deal during the 2019 offseason was marred by injuries. Injuring his groin on a Tampa 2 coverage against the Buffalo Bills, the former Baltimore Ravens stud was placed on the shelf immediately after Week 1.

After a worthwhile effort against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football in mid-October, the man was shut down for good. He subsequently underwent successful surgery on his groin.

What stopped Mosley from strapping it up this past season was COVID-19. The Alabama product opted out of the season last summer—citing family concerns—something that froze his contract for the entirety of a full year.

This means the Jets are now forced to wait a year before they could cut bait and save money. It’s a contractual killer that allows the Jets to cut ties in 2022 ($5 million in savings) instead of right now. The Jets would be on the hook for a $12.5 million hit if they decided to cut ties this offseason.

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Obviously, cutting ties now isn’t an option, which means Mosley’s starting MIKE prognostication is something the organization has to hope comes to fruition. Although it’s tough to expect any football player to return to “normal” after two seasons away from the game, the Jets’ only option is to hope Mosley can fully return to form.


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