Sam Darnold
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As we inch closer to the NFL draft, the New York Jets’ market for Sam Darnold may not be as high as previously expected.

At this point, it’s nearly a foregone conclusion that the New York Jets plan on moving on from the 2018 third-overall selection, Sam Darnold. The once uttered “he’s our guy” phrase has gone out the window, and it’s been reported through multiple outlets that the team is likely looking towards the draft to answer their quarterback woes.

But is Darnold’s market as high as it was once reported?

Only a month ago, ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested that the Jets should be able to get a first-round selection for the embattled quarterback. As time went on and a trade didn’t surface, it seemed clear that Jets weren’t going to be able to fetch this compensation.

As it turns out, the idea of Darnold is more exciting than the prospect itself. As reported by ESPN’s Kimberly Martin, three anonymous executives wouldn’t even offer a second-round pick on the quarterback.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though. When the Jets began the 2020 season with an 0-4 start, there were similar sentiments going around NFL executive circles.

It’s a popular sentiment that former head coach Adam Gase was the reason for a lot of Darnold’s shortcomings. These reports are starting to suggest that decision-makers around the league think otherwise.

Sam Darnold will only be 24 by the start of the NFL season and is less than two years older than some highly touted prospects in this year’s draft class. If a team believes Darnold can be the guy going forward, they certainly aren’t showing it with much confidence.

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