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NFL’s VP of broadcast planning: NY Jets ‘owe us one’

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“All of us were all in on the Jets,” says NFL VP of broadcast planning

The NFL had high expectations for the New York Jets in 2023, and nothing has changed going into 2024. The Jets were given a league-high six prime-time games, including a franchise record four home prime-time games.

NFL VP of broadcast planning Mike North spoke to the media about the league’s thought process behind the Jets’ schedule. North said the league feels the Jets “owe” them.

We feel like the Jets kind of owe us one. We had this conversation a year ago. All of us were all in on the Jets. For that guy [Aaron Rodgers] to last four plays was disheartening for many of us.”

Additionally, North spoke about the possibility of the Jets playing more prime-time games, saying that they are an “obvious candidate” for late-season flexing of games.  He then talked about scheduling the Jets for three games in 11 days to start the season, citing that New York was not facing a “gauntlet” of playoff teams as a justification for the decision.

Even with the Jets’ lackluster on-field production in recent years, the NFL is high on their potential going into 2024. The league is banking on a recovered Aaron Rodgers catapulting New York’s offense into elite territory while also expecting the defense to maintain its high level of play. They are hoping the Jets will overcome the past struggles that have prevented them from meeting expectations, such as injuries and poor coaching.

It’s on the Jets to prove the league right. They have all the talent to make a big run at the AFC East title and a deep run in the playoffs. Now, as many have said this offseason, the Jets just have to capitalize on the opportunity given to them.

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8 days ago

Owe them one??? F him! How about the ridiculous “ghosts” comment that should have NEVER made it to the broadcast? or…the replay of Zach, jogging backwards looking at the sideline DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK, and tripped and fell that some how just HAD to be played to the audience when they returned?

Not to mention 2…appearances on Hard Knocks, when they SPECIFICALLY said last season they DID NOT want to be on it?

He can go pound sand….”the Jets’ owe us one” are you serious? And why is it that for some reason we always end up playing in NE the for the SECOND meeting? What they can’t come to NJ late in the season?

NOW…we’re going to have known cheater Brady in production meetings with the teams getting a higher level of intel on the team and yet…he’s going to be part owner of the Raiders? So, let me get this straight, that Fraud Brady is going to own a team, and be privy to sensitive info from other teams? Oh, and then he “may come back to play” if SF needs him?

It’s time for Woody to tell the NFL to shove it. He owns a team in NEW YORK, the NLF’s largest market, time for him to take that power for a ride and put his foot down.

Last edited 8 days ago by Jets71