Blewett's Blitz, Michael Carter II
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Blewett’s Blitz digs into Michael Carter II’s film and comes to the conclusion that he might be the New York Jets’ perfect slot cornerback.

Joe Blewett

With the 154th overall selection (fifth round) in the 2021 NFL draft, the New York Jets decided to select Duke cornerback/safety Michael Carter II.

The Jets rightly targeted offense early in the draft in order to surround Zach Wilson with plenty of talent. With that being said, if you singularly look at just the position groups prior to the draft, cornerback (minus quarterback) was the organization’s most dire need.

While Carter II offers plenty of versatility to the defensive backfield—as he lined up at both slot cornerback and free safety for Duke—he figures to compete with second year UDFA Javelin Guidry for the starting slot CB spot. 

Guidry may have the leg-up after performing well last season. Courtesy of a Brian Poole injury, his snaps increased in Weeks 13-15 last year, something the kid took advantage of.

It’s a small leg-up, however, considering it was only a limited sample size. Also, with a completely new coaching staff coming in, the Guidry vs. Carter II battle could be viewed as even heading in.

The Jets staff is reported to be pretty high on Carter II, and they should be. After reviewing the film, Carter II’s talent could easily be described as more advanced than a fifth-rounder. Carter II often flashed his athleticism (4.32-second 40-yard dash), technique and an aggressive mindset.

Let’s take a look at some plays showcasing Carter II’s major strengths and weaknesses. Below you will also find a full list of strengths and weaknesses. Plus, as always, the full film breakdown of Blewett’s Blitz is included near the bottom of this page (Jets X-Factor subscribers only).



On this play, athleticism is also paired with smarts, which is another of my listed strengths for Carter II.

Here, he is lined up in the slot (top slot) in off-man coverage. The wide receiver breaks inside on the drag as a part of the rub concept. Carter II has to be aware of how to play this is, as it’s a “man beater.”

Ideally, Carter II can “jet stream” the route, which is to play it directly in trail to avoid any traffic. Unfortunately, he isn’t afforded that opportunity as he is off of the route.

Instead, Carter II gets his eyes on the traffic which has the tight end pushing vertical to rub/pick him. Carter II flattens his angle to avoid, then slips underneath of corner route from the No. 1 from the boundary where his man is working to. Carter then quickly closes ground to the route.

This is a good play to show off Carter II’s smarts, acceleration, speed, looseness in his hips, and change of direction.

Ball skills over the middle

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verge tibbs
verge tibbs

About to check out the video now but wanted to ask a question. So, if javelin and mc2 both impress in tc/preseason and its really close, can the loser of the battle still be used in some packages? I guess thats an impossible question because we dont know exactly what the defense will look like. Not sure if it will look more like ulbrich or saleh or a mix. Could either be competent outside from what you’ve seen on tape? I know some dudes can play slot but not outside


Hey Joe, was listening to your audio, as you talk about the play is there a way for us to see the play you are talking about? If that makes sense? I was hoping to follow along as you had the breakdown but it didn’t seem to flow that way. Am I missing something? I’m pretty new to his page.