Zach Wilson of the NY Jets throws at OTAs.
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NY Jets fans will be treated to more behind-the-scenes coverage of the team as the popular One Jets Drive series makes its return.

Michael Nania

Those starving for a weekly helping of run-through-a-brick-wall Robert Saleh quotes just got the news they have been clamoring to hear.

On Tuesday night, the New York Jets announced that the fan-favorite One Jets Drive documentary series will be returning for the fourth consecutive season since debuting in 2018. The 2021 season premiere will be released on Aug. 10.

Over the past three years, One Jets Drive became known for providing outstanding behind-the-scenes coverage of the team on a frequent basis.

In 2020, the Jets released 13 episodes over 156 days from Aug. 4 to Jan. 7, an average of one episode every 12 days. Those episodes averaged around 18 minutes in length.

Compared to the 2019 season, the 2020 version marked a slight increase in the frequency of episodes being released but a slight decline in the average length of the episodes. Here are the show’s numbers for the 2018 and 2019 seasons:

  • 2018: 15 episodes over 197 days (13.1 days per show) from June 20 to Jan. 3, average length of approximately 14 minutes
  • 2019: 14 episodes over 187 days (13.4 days per show) from July 6 to Jan. 9, average length of approximately 20 minutes

The series has received plenty of critical acclaim throughout its run.

In 2021, the series garnered New York Emmy nominations in the Sports category for Post-Produced or Edited Series and One-Time Special, the latter coming for the episode “First Class,” which focused on the Jets’ 2020 rookie class and NFL draft process.

In 2020, the series earned four New York Emmy nominations in the Sports category: Feature/Segment (for the 2018 episode “The Debut”), Feature/Segment (for the 2019 Curtis Martin and Le’Veon Bell segment from the episode “Next Move”), Program Series, and Sports Program Promo.

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It featured exclusive looks into many of the Jets’ key decisions throughout the 2021 offseason and presented the team’s prominent coaches and staff members with an opportunity to explain their decisions in great detail.

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