GMFB spoke highly of the NY Jets' C.J. Mosley.
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The crew of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football singled out C.J. Mosley as an integral factor in the NY Jets’ hopes of achieving 2021 success.

Michael Nania

“For this season to be a success, the New York Jets must . . .”

That was the question that the hosts of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football were asked on the morning of July 19, and the topic brought up some interesting answers from the crew.

Right off the bat, host Kyle Brandt singled out C.J. Mosley.

“They need to pay off the fable. There is a legendary, almost Paul Bunyan-esque story around the Jets fanbase and the Jets organization that for one day – nay, for one half in 2019 – C.J. Mosley was the best football player in the world. Maybe the best to ever live.”

Of course, Brandt is referring to Mosley’s performance in the Jets’ 2019 season-opener against the Bills. Mosley dominated Buffalo to the tune of one pick-six, one fumble recovery, and one touchdown-saving pass deflection in less than three quarters of play.

Brandt continues, “I look at C.J. Mosley, not only do we (the Jets) need you, we need on this team a Josh Allen stopper. We need someone who is going to stand up and smoke that dude when he breaks the huddle. It’s got to be C.J. Mosley.”

Former Vikings, Seahawks, and Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson turned his attention to the man under center.

“I’m looking at Zach Wilson, the young quarterback. I want this offense to be built around his skill set,” Burleson says.

“Let’s not just make him a dropback, traditional quarterback . . . let’s also get him outside the pocket, and do it early. Let’s start a little bit in training camp and preseason, and then game one, make sure you show every defense just the full range of what Zach Wilson can be.”

NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero turned his attention to the new big cheese, Robert Saleh.

“The biggest thing is just buy into the philosophy and the program with Robert Saleh. Because it is going to be a roller-coaster ride with this team. It is going to take them time.”

Pelissero urged patience on the part of Jets fans, comparing the current team’s favorably to that of the 2015 iteration.

“Go back and think about Todd Bowles in his first year. They win 10 games with an older roster – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brandon Marshall – anybody would look at that roster and say ‘we gotta blow it up, we gotta start over,’ no – they won some games, so let’s bring them all back! No. You want to build the program the right way from the ground up. That’s what they’re going to do.”

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