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Tony Romo’s optimistic Zach Wilson prediction is too much for Rich Eisen to handle

Those who tuned into The Rich Eisen Show this week would probably tell the titular host to act like he’s been there before after going into an extended, euphoric rant about Tony Romo’s comments on Zach Wilson.

Alas, like so many of Eisen’s fellow New York Jets fans, he hasn’t actually been there before.

In the Thursday edition of his daily talk show, Eisen commented on Tony Romo’s overly optimistic outlook for Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. The Dallas Cowboy-turned-lead CBS game analyst foresees a dramatically high ceiling for the second overall pick of April’s draft, believing that it won’t be long before Wilson is mentioned in the same breath as Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes.


“I think Zack Wilson is going to be in the discussion as one of the top 3-5 quarterbacks very quickly, within the next couple of years, you’re going to see him rise,” Romo said in CBS’ annual media conference call. “I think he’s unbelievable. His ceiling is so high. It’s rare for me to say someone has the ability to get in the stratosphere of a Mahomes, but I think this kid actually has that ability.”

Romo’s comments were a bit too much for Eisen to handle. With Romo known for his uncanny ability to call plays before they happen, there appears to be, in Eisen’s eyes anyway, a long-sought end to the Jets’ search for a franchise quarterback.

“This sort of stuff frightens me,” Eisen, speaking a little bit above a whisper, says of Romo’s prophecy. “Because if the Jets got it right, that means I don’t have to look for trap doors anymore. That means I don’t have to root for losses.”

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Eisen recounts how he rooted for the Jets’ imperfect demise last season, destined to be content with the Jets going winless in pursuit of the ultimate goal of securing the top overall pick last spring, one widely assumed to be used on Clemson thrower Trevor Lawrence.

The Jets dashed those dreams with late wins over the Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns after losing their first 13 contests.

But Romo’s comments have him feeling like no Jets fan has in a long, long time. Eisen, however, used his large platform to spread the good vibes.

“Did the Jets have a generationally talented, and brilliant and game-changing, culture-changing, franchise-changing, life-changing, talent, get dropped into their lap?” Eisen asks, noting that his colleagues who root for the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs have been blessed with seamless transitions in the franchise quarterback slots.

“Because I’m sitting here thinking to myself, this can’t happen to people like me. Jets fans know what I’m talking about. This doesn’t happen to us.”

Eisen indirectly references some of Wilson’s immediate ancestors in the Jets’ franchise quarterback role, including Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, and Sam Darnold, all of whom showed flashes of brilliance before eventually fading away from the metropolitan scene. Romo’s comments, however, provide green rejuvenation in Eisen’s eyes.

“Tony Romo’s never wrong! He sees Zach Wilson, he’s thinking Mahomes! He’s thinking of top-five quarterback talent. I’m sitting here thinking we just drafted Stifler and his mom because I’m so negative!” Eisen says, referencing Seann William Scott and Jennifer Coolidge’s characters from the American Pie franchise. “It’s me, us collectively as Jets fans. We’re not rational. We’re not rational. We’re scarred emotionally.”

Eisen feels it’s a bit early to put the Jets into the NFL playoff bracket, he ends his humorous, euphoric rant with several potential nicknames for the potential legend in the making.

“Broadway Zach! Zach’s Fifth Avenue! Goldman Zacks!” a breathless Eisen declares. “I’m being positive today, it’s positive, I’m not doing the negative thing which is, you know, looking for the trapdoor … Tony, thank you for that. Wind beneath my wings going into the 2021 season. I cannot wait.”

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