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Robert Saleh’s Jets are on pace to be worse than Adam Gase’s teams

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Robert Saleh’s New York Jets are on a historically bad pace

With their gruesome 54-13 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 7, Robert Saleh and the New York Jets have fallen to 1-5.

A 1-5 record is bad enough in itself, but the team’s overall performance level independent of the win-loss record puts them on track to become one of the worst teams – if not the worst team – in Jets history.

Yes, even worse than Adam Gase’s squads.

Let’s stack up the 2021 Jets against Gase’s 2019-20 Jets and some of the other brutal teams in Jets history.

Season-long pace

The Jets currently own a scoring margin of -95. They are scoring 13.3 points per game (32nd) and allowing 29.2 points per game (29th) for an average scoring margin of -15.8.

If maintained, that would be the worst mark in the history of the New York Jets.

Here are the worst teams in franchise history based on their average scoring margin at the end of the season:

  1. 2021 (-15.8)
  2. 1976 (-15.3)
  3. 2020 (-13.4)
  4. 1975 (-12.5)
  5. 1996 (-10.9)
  6. 1963 (-10.7)
  7. 1962 (-10.4)
  8. 1989 (-9.9)
  9. 1995 (-9.4)
  10. 2016 (-8.4)

We’re only six games in, so the Jets have 11 games to pull themselves out of the franchise’s all-time basement, but the sad fact of the matter is that the Jets very well could finish the season in this spot if they do not start playing a substantially better quality of football.

The Jets’ numbers in non-scoring categories indicate that their scoring margin is not a fluke based on their performance to this point. They are currently ranked 31st in total offense and 27th in total defense. If those rankings are maintained, they would become the first team in franchise history (since moving to the NFL in 1970) to rank bottom-six in both categories.

Saleh’s 2021 Jets have been out-gained by 130.2 yards per game this season. Not only is that the worst mark in the NFL this season, but it would be the worst in the history of the Jets as well:

  1. 2021 (-130.2)
  2. 1963 (-118.3)
  3. 2020 (-107.6)
  4. 1976 (-99.0)
  5. 1975 (-87.6)
  6. 2018 (-81.2)
  7. 1971 (-77.9)
  8. 1964 (-73.7)
  9. 1977 (-73.4)
  10. 1989 (-61.4)


Even before the New England debacle (551-to-299 yardage edge for the Patriots), the Jets had an average yardage margin of -105.8 over their first five games, which would put them on pace for the third-worst mark in franchise history.

Six-game start

The Jets’ six-game start in 2021 is up there as one of the worst that the franchise has ever experienced, comparing closely to Gase’s 2019 and 2020 teams.

Here is a look at the worst yardage differentials through six games in Jets history:

  1. 1963 (-873)
  2. 2019 (-859)
  3. 2021 (-781)
  4. 2002 (-720)
  5. 1976 (-687)
  6. 1971 (-662)
  7. 2020 (-613)
  8. 2001 (-607)
  9. 2007 (-571)
  10. 2006 (-463)

Here is a look at the worst point differentials through six games in Jets history:

  1. 1976 (-122)
  2. 2020 (-110)
  3. 2021 (-95)
  4. 1962 (-94)
  5. 2019 (-93)
  6. 1996 (-91)
  7. 1995 (-90)
  8. 2002 (-74)
  9. 2016 (-69)
  10. 2014 (-62)

We are witnessing perhaps the most embarrassing era in Jets history. The 2019, 2020, and 2021 seasons represent three of the five worst six-game starts in franchise history based on point differential.

The Jets are a young, rebuilding team, but that is no excuse for the level of ineptitude that has been shown thus far. This is a historically bad football team until proven otherwise.

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2 years ago

The defense hasn’t been able to put it all together in one game, they have had flashes of good and bad, with the exception of NE. Let’s be honest, did anybody think going into a NFL game with all defensive backs playing LB would end in a positive result? I realize teams are going smaller and faster but you still can’t play with a 224 lb LB. That being said the offense has shown nothing all year. A few backyard throws is nothing, and that’s been killing the D. Some of those early games they were worn out by too many 3 and out. I think the D has the ability to bounce back and be better assuming CJ, Davis and Maye can stay on the field. The offense has problems that cannot be fixed this year. LaFleur needs help and I don’t think he gets it this year. I hope they hire some one to replace Knapp next year. Does anyone know how long Cavanaugh is set to be around?

2 years ago

I think the inexperience of the coaching staff is showing thru. They were all one position lower and all were elevated one spot. I think it’s taking a bit more time than expected for them to adjust to their new position. I already gave them a pass this year and a small part of me still want them to lose so that we can get 2 top 10 1st rnd picks next year. (Thanks Geno & Seattle! at least from 3rd qtr of MNF) lol

David Obert
2 years ago

I first time , background for prospective. Ive been watching alot of your contents, botm 1953 been a Jet fan AFL fan before merger didn’t want them to merger was like Al Davis run nfl into ground was really fun back than real rival in the beginnborn in1953 ,seen Namath in bowl game came away saying that was the greatest qb I have ever seen.
Very much like your content breath of fresh air compared to soap opera drama .
My comment is this been frustrated with past few weeks that the defense been good I felt bend don’t brake was almost just asucj fault as bling Wilson for
offence Titan get all I heard was defense played good they never could get off field when they needed to oh poor denfence had to play 90 plus snap because of poor offence well how about getting a three and out and give the offence a chance at the ball 7 plays per first quarter not only offence fault look at time of position. Thank you if Wilson can stay healthy and they don’t destroy him.