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NY Jets fans share their favorite draft moments in team history

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From the Sanchize to the GEQBUS, New York Jets fans name their most memorable NFL draft moments

With the NFL Draft on the horizon, I took to Twitter to ask New York Jets fans their favorite draft memories throughout the years. The responses span multiple decades and include some of the best (and worst) moments in team history. Regardless of who is selected 10th overall next Thursday, I’m sure the discourse amongst Jets fans will be cordial … said no one ever.

Shoutout to the Atlanta Falcons for gifting the Jets Garrett Wilson. Through two seasons, it’s clear the Jets were able to land THE top receiver in the 2022 draft. All-time moment. I’m sure we will get to the 2022 draft again later in the article. 

“Obviously the Jets know something that the people up here don’t” … 11 words that will live in infamy and stick with Jets fans forever. Selecting Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino in 1988 shocked fans in attendance. This man in the striped shirt did what all Jets fans try to do, spinzone a bad situation into a positive.

This may have been the most common reply, and rightfully so. After selecting Sauce Gardner and Garrett Wilson, the Jets were supposed to be done for night one. Then as Jermaine Johnson fell, Jets fans began banging the table to trade up for the Florida State edge rusher. A moment that was perfectly encapsulated in the One Jets Drive documentary, Joe Douglas picked up the phone and got his guy.

This one is personal for me. I was a Sam Darnold guy (still am) and could not believe the Browns selected Baker Mayfield at No. 1. Sam underperformed in the areas he could control in his Jets tenure, but he didn’t have much help. The Prince Who Was Promised. The GEQBUS. The Trunky Coastal Kid. The Lisan Al Gaib.

Threw this one in here since it was one of the most unique responses. Covid draft, day 3, top player available at that time, and the Jets needed cornerback help. Loved this pick. He did his job as a Day 3 pick.

Told you we would get back to this one. Just a grand slam by Joe Douglas and his staff. Four players who are currently projecting out to be ELITE talents at their positions. We knew on draft night that it was special and it came through.

The Jets were in the dawn of a new era. New coach, new identity, and a shiny new toy from USC. One of those moments where you remember where you were … I was 13 after a baseball game eating wings at a bar. Acknowledge the Sanchize.

This draft did not have the can’t-miss OL or WR, which the Jets desperately needed. Instead they took the best player available, a man who was described as a 300-pound bar of soap. There was a lot of discourse about whether they should take Big Q or Josh Allen (not the one whose coach has been labeled by some as a terrorist sympathizer). Glad Mikey Macc landed on Big Q.

Franchise altering draft. The one that laid the foundation for the playoff run in 2009-2010. Brick and Mangold were the highlights, but shoutout to Eric Smith, Brad Smith, Leon Washington and Drew Coleman.

This is one of those moments at the AA meeting where you thank someone for sharing their story. @JetsEnjoyer didn’t need to share this but I am happy he did.

The year is 2014. NYJ Mike and I are drinking at a house party on a Friday night. We are glued to the TV as the Jets draft their newest playmaker, Jace Amaro. I thought it was an awesome pick at the time. I think we all did.

Weed is tight. Weed is tight.

Thanks GaetanoAlozno, I will now never unsee this…

Vernon Gholston was supposed to be the missing piece for that elite Jets defense. One more big-time edge rusher, and it would have been even more special. The mindblowing stat will always be 0 sacks and 0 forced fumbles. To put it into context, Quinton Coples had 16.5(!) career sacks for the New York Jets.


Sitting in NYJ Mike’s basement, his dad asked a good question, “Why are we drafting a guy with 4 surgeries prior to being 22 years old?” Our response: “Milliner Island.” We were trying to move on from the loss of our greatest franchise player and we were blinded.

Ending it with the GREATEST DRAFT PICK IN NEW YORK JETS HISTORY. Retire the number.

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1 month ago

Darnold then probably Sanchez. And also Cole Strange. As a Jets fan I enjoyed that one a great deal.