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Spider-Man appears to be a canonical New York Jets fan

Isn’t it kind of cool when you learn that a celebrity roots for the same football team as you?

Famous New York Jets fans include the likes of Adam Sandler, Larry David, George R.R. Martin, Kevin James, and… Spider-Man?

Yes, everyone’s favorite wall-crawling, web-slinging, box-office-dominating superhero is, in fact, a New York Jets fan.

Making the rounds on Twitter this Saturday morning (courtesy of Matt from Jets X-Factor’s Broadway Jets Podcast) was a screengrab of a page from the 1986 Spidey comic, “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #110”.

On said page, Peter Parker can be seen conversing with Matthew Murdock (A.K.A. Daredevil) while clearly and shamelessly sporting a green sweater with an old-school New York Jets logo embroidered across the chest.

Seeing as Parker hails from Queens – the borough in which the Jets played from 1964-83 – it shouldn’t come as much surprise that he roots for the star-crossed New York football team.

At the time of this comic’s publication in January 1986, the Jets had just been eliminated from the NFL playoffs with a wild card loss to the Patriots. The roster featured all-time Jets greats like Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, Freeman McNeil, Al Toon, Wesley Walker, and Ken O’Brien.

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Speaking strictly in terms of football, Spidey was probably a lot happier back then. The Jets finished the 1985 regular season with an 11-5 record, tying a franchise record for regular-season victories. New York has only matched or beaten that total twice in the 36 seasons that have followed.

For that reason, it’s difficult to blame Peter Parker for not flaunting his Jets fandom more often.

The fact that Spider-Man is a Jets fan can tell us a little more about him. For instance, Spidey probably hates the New England Patriots with a passion. He probably idolizes Joe Namath and Darelle Revis. He probably doesn’t end up enjoying his Sundays very often. And he’s also probably rooting hard for Zach Wilson to succeed.

If anyone knows Peter personally, can you ask him what he thinks of Robert Saleh and the coaching staff so far?

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