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Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur loves New York Jets fans

The New York Jets just wrapped up a week in Mobile where their coaching staff had an opportunity to coach the Senior Bowl. New York’s staff led the Senior Bowl’s National Team to a 20-10 victory.

The Jets’ social media team was down in Mobile as well, pumping out some great content. That includes a video of assistant coach Ron Middleton’s intense pre-game pep talk.

Among some of the other content published were two new episodes of the official Jets podcast. The Jets’ offensive and defensive coordinators, Mike LaFleur and Jeff Ulbrich, were each featured on an episode.

The episode with LaFleur was released on Tuesday. LaFleur shared some insight into his relationships with his brother Matt, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, and Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

He also talked about where the Jets are currently at, particularly with the development of quarterback Zach Wilson. LaFleur highlighted his own first year in New York and talked about what life in the area is like.

Then, LaFleur went on to express the excitement that Jets fans give him, describing the fanbase as “cool” and “thirsty” to win. He described how he can feel the excitement from the fans and how it makes him “want to do it for them.”

LaFleur wrapped up by describing Jets fans as “awesome”.

For many Jets fans, LaFleur is a big reason why they are optimistic things will change for the better.

The Jets offense had a slow start to the season. With things not going well, LaFleur was criticized by the media and fans alike. He did a great job of publicly holding himself accountable.

In Week 8, LaFleur started calling plays upstairs from the booth. After making the move, LaFleur was clearly seeing the game better and appeared to enter his comfort zone. He was a much-improved play-caller from that point on. It led to some successful games offensively for the Jets.

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With a year of experience under his belt along with the adversity he faced, expect more progress to be made. LaFleur’s presence will be very valuable in helping Wilson to take a step forward and positioning the Jets to make a potential playoff push.

LaFleur’s future as the Jets offensive coordinator looks to be a bright one.

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1 year ago

His growth throughout the season was huge and I think a major step for the rebuild. He clearly was not comfortable on the sideline, and they were all adjusting to new roles without Knapp. He has a real chance to be a top OC, and I give him credit for not only Zach’s improvement, but putting the offense in better situations to succeed. I know he’s not the OL coach but he also had to have had a big role in getting the OL on track. One of the reasons I wanted Saleh was that I wanted LaFleur too, it was shaky at first but I’m very happy right now. They have the right people, let’s hope they can add the right players.

1 year ago