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New York Jets betting/odds: Alternate win totals for 2022 regular season

The New York Jets‘ 2022 win total is pretty much unanimous across most betting outlets: 5.5 wins. Barring any major transactions or injuries, that number will likely be the same once the regular season arrives.

However, there are more ways to bet on an NFL team’s regular season record than by simply betting the over or the under on their base win total. You can also choose to bet on alternate win totals.

At FanDuel Sportsbook, there are 16 betting options for alternate New York Jets regular season win totals:

  • Under 2.5 wins: +700
  • Under 3.5 wins: +410
  • Under 4.5 wins: +185
  • Under 6.5 wins: -175
  • Under 7.5 wins: -310
  • Under 8.5 wins: -450
  • Under 9.5 wins: -900
  • Under 10.5 wins: -1800
  • Over 2.5 wins: -1150
  • Over 3.5 wins: -600
  • Over 4.5 wins: -220
  • Over 6.5 wins: +140
  • Over 7.5 wins: +240
  • Over 8.5 wins: +340
  • Over 9.5 wins: +550
  • Over 10.5 wins: +800

I think the best value can be found somewhere in the over-6.5 to over-8.5 range. Starting at 6.5, you’re getting good bang for your buck with +140 odds, moving up +240 at 7.5 and +340 at 8.5. You can choose which length to go to depending on how optimistic you are about the team.

If I were to choose, I would probably go on the safer end and take the over-6.5 option. I feel confident in the Jets’ ability to win at least 7 games.

At FanDuel, by simply increasing the win total by one win from 5.5 to 6.5, the odds for betting the over move from -145 to +140. That would more than double your potential winnings; for instance, the winnings on a $10 bet would increase from $6.90 to $14.

The Jets won four games in 2021 and made massive improvements to their roster through free agency and the draft. They also have numerous young players from the 2021 class who are poised to make sizable improvements in Year 2. Plus, after being the NFL’s unluckiest team in factors beyond their control, they are due for better luck in 2022. A win total in the 7-to-9 range feels well within reach.

That’s the optimistic outlook. The pessimistic outlook is that the Jets have the worst active playoff drought in the NFL at 11 seasons and the worst active winning-season drought at 6 seasons. Their record over the past six seasons is 27-70 (.278), with an average of 4.5 wins per year. A franchise with this track record is difficult to trust until it earns the right to be trusted. That has not happened yet for the Jets.

This is certainly going to be a pivotal season in the history of the New York Jets. With their best core of talent in quite some time, they finally have a legitimate chance to turn things around. Will this be the year they right the ship? Oddsmakers certainly don’t think so. It’s almost time to see if Robert Saleh’s squad can prove them wrong.

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