NY Jets Fans Reaction, Browns Comeback
New York Jets Fans, Cleveland Browns

There’s a reason no one has ever heard of “The NFL Pile On”

The national media loves to pile on the New York Jets.

That’s why a new NFL Films show on Amazon Prime called “The NFL Pile On” decided to do just that. But this time, they went a step too far.

It’s one thing to bash the team. It’s another to take a personal shot at their fans.

Richie is a beloved New York Jets fan. Jets Media has 12.9K subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have their own personal channel on the Jets Discord. He reacted exactly as long-suffering Jets fans everywhere reacted.

And would a fan of any team, even the Patriots in the height of their dynasty, react any differently to the thrilling comeback in a 31-30 victory?

Piling on the Jets is par for the course. After all, they’ve been the laughingstock of the NFL for a decade now, and they’ve always been the butt of jokes.

However, piling on a fan is not cool. Calling him “strange” is just short-sighted. Making fun of his setup? Totally inappropriate. He doesn’t have the budget of NFL Films and their beautiful, messy setup for the show. Really?

Richie reacted with equanimity, tweeting out the video with the ROTFL emoji. I’m sure he didn’t expect this kind of use of his video after NFL Films reached out to ask permission to use it, but he took the barbs in stride.

Meanwhile, the reactions of irate Browns fans to the loss get a pass from this show. If anything, those are funnier and more “pile-on” worthy. (I won’t actually embed the video due to prolonged profanity. NSFW warning.)

Bad job, NFL Films. Perhaps that’s why no Jets fan had ever heard of the show prior to this. Maybe thank Richie for getting you some extra clicks, since you clearly need them.

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Rivka Boord has followed the Jets since the age of five. She is known locally for her in-depth knowledge of football. She hopes to empower young women to follow their dreams and join the sports conversation. Boord's background in analytics infuses her articles with unique insights into the state of the Jets' franchise and the NFL as a whole.
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4 months ago

Thanks Rivka
And thanks for dissing Peyton again in your Flacco/Zach analysis!

4 months ago

“They hate us ’cause they ain’t us.” This is what passes through my mind when NFL “pundits” (read: clueless talking heads) ridicule or otherwise exploit a fan base with their über-cringe, tepid takes. These are the same type of stereotypical cretins that hang out at the office water cooler ogling female co-workers and making all manner of derogatory and suggestive comments. So, when these “people” run their mouths spewing putrid vitriol towards the Jets and their fans, it is more an indictment on their personality flaws and less of an attempt at publicly embarrassing their intended target.

4 months ago
Reply to  Rivka Boord

Fair enough. But it is a legitimate character flaw that exists in both sexes and I have no qualms in pointing out how despicable a flaw it is when I see it. I’m Gen-X. We keep it 100, 24/7/365. It can’t be helped. 😁

4 months ago

And that is who the coach said he was taking receipts on. Go ahead, have your laugh at our expense, but you don’t see who’s coming. I’m taking receipts.

4 months ago

He who laughs last… Like the direction this team is heading in, Love their resolve! It ain’t over till it’s over. Just extend This season!