CJ Mosley, New York Jets
CJ Mosley, New York Jets, Getty Images

The Jets are getting into the Halloween spirit

As the New York Jets get ready to take on the rival Patriots at MetLife, the team is certainly bringing scary vibes to their pre-game.

Veteran linebacker C.J. Mosley made a villainous addition to his pre-game introduction. Mosley ran out of the tunnel wearing the iconic Bane mask from the Batman universe.

With the stakes at a season-high and the brand-new all-black uniforms, you might think that Halloween came early this year. Mosley is a central leader of the Jets’ defense, a defense that has ascended to nearly top-10 status in the NFL during their four-game win streak.

The Jets have plenty to play for with their best start since 2010. As head coach Robert Saleh preached over the summer, it starts with winning big divisional games. There is no matchup like Jets-Patriots, though the Jets are 0-12 against them over the past 3 years.

That all has the opportunity to change with a win today. Ultimately, it’s up to the Jets to break the Patriots’ spirits and bodies if they want to stay hot.

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Oliver Cochrane is a Jets X-Factor news and social media contributor. Email: olivercochrane[at]icloud.com
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1 year ago

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Last edited 1 year ago by Sarah
Peter Buell
Peter Buell
1 year ago

As good as the D has been, the big issue has been getting off the field on 3rd down.
There is no Tom Brady back there so I’d like to see them bring an extra guy more often.
With backstop the QB he’s been taking off. Can’t do that if he’s in his butt.
Pressure Pressure Pressure and if he can be us so be it but what’s happening now with moving the chains it’s death by a 1000 cuts.
Get a 3 and out and start moving to put the game away.