Sauce Gardner, NY Jets, Zach Wilson, Twitter, Like
Sauce Gardner, New York Jets, Getty Images

Could Zach Wilson be losing the New York Jets’ locker room?

After an abysmal performance against the New England Patriots in which he passed for 77 yards, Zach Wilson is drawing the ire of not only the New York Jets‘ fanbase, but apparently his teammates as well.

When speaking to the media after the game, Wilson responded with a blunt “No” when asked if he let his defense down. The Jets’ defense allowed only 3 points in the loss.

If their Twitter actions are any indication, it doesn’t seem like the Jets’ defenders are thrilled with Wilson’s statement.

First, defensive tackle John Franklin-Myers liked a tweet that compared Wilson’s response to Josh Allen’s comments after he lost to the Jets two weeks ago; when Allen said he played like “[expletive]”.


Franklin-Myers later retracted the like and put out a tweet claiming he liked the post accidentally, but the damage was already done.

It didn’t stop there. On Monday morning, star cornerback Sauce Gardner liked a tweet from Cowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis that was critical of Wilson. Lewis responded to a negative clip of Wilson’s film by writing, “You don’t owe your defense???? @ZachWilson”.

Sauce Gardner, Zach Wilson, Liked, Tweet

Gardner, like Franklin-Myers, later said he didn’t mean to like the post.

You never want to read too deeply into these sorts of things, but this definitely is not the best look for Wilson. Struggling on the field is one thing. Losing the respect of your locker room is another.

The clock is ticking on Wilson. Both on and off the field, he has a lot of work to do if he is going to reaffirm his status as a potential franchise quarterback.

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4 months ago

I’m disappointed in Zach’s play and responses to the media, but just as Moore was struggling earlier with the worst turmoil of his life, Zach is now. I’m sure that he’s having a very difficult time dealing with the fanbase’s and media’s constant criticism on top of his own self criticism, as we are usually hardest on our own selves. He is probably acting petulantly because he’s embarrassed, frustrated, and hurt. Maybe this embarrassment/humiliation will be good for him. I don’t think it will crush him or his confidence. I’m truly mystified and shocked at how poorly he has played, but I know he has top 3 QB in the NFL level talent.

IMO the Jets need to be VERY careful in how they handle Zach over the rest of the season. He may need to sit for a while to clear his head and escape the constant pressure of the fans and media. He is a 21 year-old kid, after all. Then again, if the Jets bench him, that could spell the end of the Jets and Wilson. If so, the Jets will have an extremely difficult time finding a better QB prospect than Zach was, and even if so, it will cost them the ranch to move up to get that QB. If Zach is traded somewhere where the fanbase isn’t irrational, impatient, and crazed from decades of losing, I think he will find himself, and be the great QB I thought he would be when they drafted him.

It would be so SOJ if the death of Greg Knapp is what wound up dooming Zach with the Jets. Having a rookie OC and rookie QB Coach was not the right way to groom a rookie QB.

As good a job as Saleh has done otherwise, and as a HUGE of a fan of JD as I am, JD’s biggest mistake may have been hiring Saleh and Knapp rather than Brian Daboll.

4 months ago

Not surprised by these developments. As poor as his on-field performance, has been his petulance off-field. His demeanor highly suggests echos of early Geno Smith…thinking more highly of himself than the facts indicate. Imo, he’s auditioning to keep his job against the Bears this weekend and rightfully so.

4 months ago
Reply to  Psi

His punky demeanor off the field is more disappointing than his play on it. I get it, he’s been awful in both losses to NE and everyone likes to say the team won in spite of him but reality is he did help them beat the Dolphins, Bills and carried the load vs. Pitt. The fact he’s showing poor leadership skills is what’s killing me. It begs the question, why did his teammates not vote him a captain his Sr. year at BYU? I’m not saying there’s a ton of stock to be taken from that but it does say something. That “something” seems to be showing a bit.

He’s in NY, on a team that’s been horrible for a decade so every pass is under a microscope. It’s the job, it’s not easy, it’s one thing to have a bad day on the field, it’s another to not know that carrying the load for your team is the way to lead.

I do think he’ll start this week but if it’s another bad half, then White comes in. He may not get a half if the game seems to be sliding a bit.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jets71

His teammates didn’t vote him Captain his JUNIOR season at BYU because he was coming off surgery, and at the time the vote for Captain was held, the starting QB had not been determined. Following the surgery, the HC had said that Zach would have to compete for the starting job, because he wasn’t sure how Zach would respond to the surgery and how healthy he was, but he said that he had expected that Zach would rise to the occasion. You really need to know what you’re talking about before spouting misinformation on the internet!