Nick Caley, NY Jets OC Candidate, Interview
Nick Caley, New York Jets, Getty Images

The New York Jets will continue their offensive coordinator search with Patriots tight ends coach Nick Caley: But why?

Today, the New York Jets are interviewing New England Patriots tight ends coach Nick Caley for their vacant offensive coordinator position, per Albert Breer.

Every Jets fan had the same reaction to this news: Huh?

Out of all the names to be mentioned as candidates for the Jets’ OC role, Caley is the strangest. Caley, 39, has been an assistant for the Patriots’ offense since 2015 and has never called plays at any level. He has been coaching the Patriots’ tight ends since 2017, which isn’t necessarily a gold star on his resume since the Patriots’ tight ends have been largely disappointing during this time period.

So, why are the Jets interviewing him?

There are a few reasons worth considering.

Firstly, I think tight ends coaches are underrated candidates for the offensive coordinator role. At first glance, coaching tight ends does not seem as glamorous as coaching quarterbacks, coaching wide receivers, or serving as a passing game coordinator. But think about this: tight ends are heavily involved in both the passing game and the running game. Tight ends coaches have to be completely familiarized with both facets of the offense, while other positions might be more one-dimensional.

Another explanation to consider is that the Jets might just be interviewing Caley to get some intel on a division rival. It’s smart gamesmanship to use interviews as an opportunity to pick the brains of other organizations. Perhaps the Jets want to learn about the gameplans New England used to shut down New York’s offense in four consecutive games over the past two years.

Finally, it’s not fair to always assume that a coach’s coaching ability is directly attached to the performance of the unit he oversees. What if he’s a great coach and the players aren’t holding up their end of the bargain? The opposite can also be true. What if a coach is mediocre and gets bailed out by amazing execution from the players?

Coaching ability is very difficult for outsiders to analyze. Unless you are in the building with a coach every day, you know nothing about their ability to motivate, teach, instill discipline, command respect, relate with players, lead men, and all of the unquantifiable stuff that makes a good coach.

With this in mind, it’s very likely that if a candidate like Caley emerges, it’s probably because he has a strong reputation in league circles.

To learn more about Caley’s reputation, we brought Patriots beat reporter Zack Cox of NESN onto the Cool Your Jets Podcast. Zack provided an inside look at Caley’s tenure in New England, giving Jets fans an idea of why their team might be considering him for the OC position.

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Jonathan Richter
Jonathan Richter
8 months ago

I’ve listened to you podcasts on Olsen, Bevell, Johnson and Caley. No question Olsen is the guy and bring in Derek Carr. I think Caley winds up as OC in NE.

8 months ago

I agree with you, based on what we know. Olson seems more suited to being the Sr. Advisor. There were a few red flags I heard about him being a “pass happy” play caller, and in some cases unimaginative, but given what is known to the public, he would be the guy I want.

Like everybody I want Carr, but I just don’t see it in the cards.

8 months ago

Ok, so let’s start the the elephant in the room, this guy is a Patoilet and those coaches don’t do well outside the cocoon. He’s the “longest tenured” offensive coach in NE since 2017, and he hasn’t moved on yet? And his TE’s are TRASH. He’s not good. If he were good, he’d have a better job than TE coach. NO WAY! NO, F’n WAY! I’m sorry to be rude, I can’t get behind this at all. I don’t even want his intel. The only thing I can think about this interview is that someone, owes someone a favor. I hope that’s as far as it goes.

Listen to this Kool Aid drinker!!!! Vrabel is NOT a BB guy NOT AT ALL. He NEVER coached with him. He played for him, then got traded his last couple of seasons to Houston. Daboll ISN’T one either, he was in NE 10 YEARS AGO! GIVE ME A BREAK. Ok, so how about this..Daboll is a NYJ guy. I CAN’T stand it. I want NOTHING to do with anything NE. NOTHING!

Last edited 8 months ago by Jets71