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Joe Namath has an idea of who should be the next New York Jets QB

“I’ve got news for you. We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee it.”

It’s been 53 years since Joe Namath offered his infamous guarantee before defeating the Baltimore Colts in the first official “Super Bowl”.

Unfortunately, the Jets have yet to reach the Super Bowl again in the five decades since.

A big reason for the drought is poor quarterback play. Namath still holds the Jets’ record for single-season passing yards with 4,007.

The Jets’ struggles at quarterback continued into 2022. They started three different quarterbacks, who ranked 36th (Mike White), 37th (Joe Flacco), and 38th (Zach Wilson) in passer rating among 38 qualified quarterbacks with at least 185 dropbacks.

Despite this, the Jets were in the playoff race until Week 17 due to an elite defense and rookie stars on offense.

Now they head into a monumental offseason with a playoff roster but no quarterback.

Broadway Joe has made it clear who he would like to see under center in 2023.

Namath called into WFAN’s “Tiki & Tierney” this past Thursday, where he made a case for the Jets to trade for star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I know Mr. [Jets owner Woody] Johnson’s trying to get a quarterback. If there’s a way he can get Rodgers … I’m a big Rodgers fan.”

Namath even went as far as offering his retired number to Rodgers if he comes to New York.

“Yeah, I want him to wear his number. We established ourselves and we’ve got a real respect for our numbers, and Aaron Rodgers, God almighty, yeah! It’d be great to have him in New York.”

Even at 39 years old, Aaron Rodgers would immediately become the Jets’ best quarterback since Namath, if not the best ever.

In 2022, the Jets likely would have made playoffs with below-average quarterback play.

If the Jets add Rodgers, they could be a legitimate Super Bowl contender in 2023.

While Rodgers struggled in 2022, he was the back-to-back MVP in 2020 and 2021.

Namath was also asked how felt about the Jets firing offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

“I was critiquing at times during the game… I’m glad there was a change. LaFleur is going to land on his feet somewhere. He’s passionate and he’s going to continue to grow.”

His comments were similar to how many Jets fans feel. While LaFleur did have his strengths, his rigidity and lack of player development make a breakup likely.

However, only two seasons after drafting a quarterback second overall and adding a highly regarded offensive coordinator, the Jets need both again. This is a make-or-break season for the Jets’ coaching staff and front office. While owner Woody Johnson hasn’t given an official playoff mandate, anything less than playoffs could result in the Jets cleaning house.

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8 months ago

I’m kind of ambivalent about the Rodgers situation. There were definitely times that he looked less than enthusiastic this year. Of course, there have been rumors that the environment in GB was toxic.

I really wish ppl would stop saying, “Woody has given no playoff mandate, but…”
It’s like saying, “with all due respect, you’re an idiot”. There are myriad ways that the next season can unfold, with new players, coaches and systems in play. This year is a great example of the best-laid plans going astray (Zach, LaF, injuries etc).
Joe D and Saleh are the best, most solid tandem we’ve had for a very long time. I think they share a vision and we saw its birth and first fruits this season. I’m not young, but if I can be patient so can others.

Last edited 8 months ago by mlesko73