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NY Jets star Sauce Gardner doesn’t know who Jessica Alba is, to the surprise of Aaron Rodgers

Since joining the New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been a stranger to the bright lights of New York.

Rodgers has made a point to let the entirety of New York know that he’s in the Big Apple – and he wants his presence to be felt. He’s also involving his teammates in the fun, too.

On April 29, Rodgers attended Game 6 of the NHL playoff series between the New York Rangers against the New Jersey Devils with Tim Boyle, Breece Hall, and Allen Lazard.

The day after that, Rodgers was seen with Allen Lazard at MSG for the Knicks playoff game against the Miami Heat.

But it was Game 2 of the New York Knicks’ series against the Miami Heat that created a hilarious interaction on Twitter.

Going to the game with Rodgers, Sauce Gardner made a lot of people feel a little older when he admitted that he didn’t know who Honey actress Jessica Alba was.

Apparently, Sauce made a good impression. Alba left a comment of her own under the video on Twitter, taking a playful dig at Aaron Rodgers in the process.

It appears that Gardner has the sauce on and off the field. And, it seems like an old man moniker may be following Rodgers around now that he’s in New York. After Jessica Alba described Rodgers as Gardner’s elder, the rookie DPOY didn’t hesitate to piggyback on the comment.

The 39-year-old took the jabs at his age in stride, showing a playful side that has been swept under the rug during his final years with the Green Bay Packers.

Since coming to the Jets, Rodgers has put to bed a lot of the negative criticisms surrounding not only his personality, but his desire to be in New York.

The only thing left is to produce results on the football field. And given Rodgers’ newfound sense of utility, Jets fans should expect to see fireworks this season.

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