Woody Johnson, NY Jets Owner, Veto, NFL Flex Schedule
Woody Johnson, New York Jets, Getty Images

The measure passed with a vote of 24-8 among NFL owners

The NFL has been inching towards having complete schedule flexibility for years. We’ve seen it occur with the creation of Thursday Night Football as well as Sunday night flexes. Now, the NFL is expanding on its ability to flex games going forward.

On Monday, the NFL passed its Thursday Night Football flex scheduling measure with a 24-8 vote. The New York Jets were among the eight teams who vetoed the measure. Joining them were the Giants, Packers, Bears, Raiders, Lions, Bengals and Steelers.

The measure allows for up to two games to be flexed out of Thursday Night Football, only in the five-week window from Weeks 13 to 17. Games must be flexed with at least 28 days’ notice.

As of now, the measure is only to take place during the 2023 season on a trial basis. However, it will carry into the 2024 season if no TNF flex scheduling is applied in 2023.

This move is likely to boost ratings for the NFL, but it’s a hellish notice for Jets and NFL fans. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by some owners, either. During the initial proposal in March, New York Giants co-owner John Mara called the then 15-day notice flex schedule “abusive” towards its fans.

Fans often clear up space in their work schedule many months in advance to see their favorite team play. Now, in the case of Thursday night games, fans aren’t guaranteed to see their team play on the day they purchased tickets. Most fans don’t have the flexibility of a multi-billion dollar organization. The passing of this measure by the NFL shows a clear disconnect between the owners and their fanbases.

It’s possible the Jets fall victim to Thursday flex scheduling this season, as they are scheduled to visit the Cleveland Browns for a Thursday night game on December 28.

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6 months ago

Does anybody know the answer to this question? I have tickets to see the Raiders VS Jets which is Sunday Night Football. My friends and I have to fly to LV. Could this game be re-scheduled?